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January 2016

Brilliant app for streaming movies

Show Box is probably the only app you’ll need to stay up to date with all the latest movies and shows. As soon as you open the app you can start browsing all the newest movies. The TV shows on the app are constantly updated, and you can also download any movie or TV show straight to your device! This is great if you can’t stream in High quality because of your internet. Speaking of High Quality, the videos always look fantastic. The quality is crisp and in high resolution. Audio sounds amazing.

The quality of the shows and movies on the app is consistent throughout, of course the option to stream and download in lower quality is there. Navigating within Show Box is incredibly simple. All the information you might need is easily accessible in sub menus that don’t cluster the screen. When you decide to stream something, there is a choice of three video qualities and a language choice of Russian or English. Once streaming has started, the content starts playing immediately, and without any drops in performance on higher qualities.

There is also tons of content available, high profile movies and shows, obscure content and even shows you might have completely forgot about. Show Box offers an impressive amount of content in it’s service, and is perfect to find a movie or show to get into. The app is updated daily with new content. It contains all the High profile movies and shows being recently released, as well as more obscure content. There are surprisingly, even much older content that you might have forgotten about. The service is so reliable and well supported that it may even be preferable to Netflix. Where other streaming services may take a while to add a new show or movie, Show Box adds new content remarkably quickly.

Overall ShowBox provides so much content and in such high quality for the price of nothing, it really is the perfect streaming service.