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February 2016

Tips, Strategies, And Cheats For Neko Atsume

Kitty Collector is a popular cat-collecting game developed by Hit-Point, a Japanese game developer agency. The goal of this game is to attract the friendship of several dozen cute cats through the use of cat food and stuffs. In this article, we are going to talk about a few useful tips, strategies, and cheats for Neko Atsume which you can use in the game. The neko atsume cheats are…

1. Use themed items for luring in rare cats

downloadYou can find a small selection of Neko Atsume cats which can be classified as “novelty cats” which follow a specific theme. The problem is, they are a bit hard to lure into your yard especially if you don’t know which items you can use to attract them. You can try experimenting a few items, giving them enough time and see if any novelty cats would take the bait.

Here are a few useful hints you can use: the Luxurious Hammock for Lady Meow, the Cafe item for Sassy Fran, and the Cat Metropolis for Bob the Cat. Keep in mind, however, that some novelty cats can only be attracted by using more than just one item. For example, Mr Meowgi would prefer the Sakura Pillow and Scratching Log, Conductor Whiskers fancy the Cardboard Choo-Choo and Twisty Rail, and Guy Furry prefers the Heating Stove and Glass Vase.

2. Better food = more rarer cats

You can find a wide range of cat food from the in-game store, each with varying prices. The more you invest on cat food, the higher are your chances of attracting rare cats. However, if you don’t have that much money there’s no need to worry. Cats will still crowd up in your yard by simply putting lots of toys along with a plate of cheap Thrifty Bitz.
Rarer foods tend to be consumed quickly, hence it is necessary to refill them more often.

3. Buy gold fish with silver fish

There’s no need to buy gold fish with cash money, or wait for your cats to gift you with one. In fact, you can just visit the in-game store and select “Gold Fish Exchange” to purchase gold fish using your silver fish. You can purchase ten gold fish for around 500 silver ones. It’s expensive without a doubt, but a lot of gold fish items have in fact low price tags.

4. Miss Fortune can rake in lots of fish

Wanna know the secret on how to rake in huge amounts of fish in just a short period of time? The solution is simple. Just buy the Cardboard House and you’ll soon attract Miss Fortune. Despite the name, Miss Fortune is actually a maneki neko who will leave you with tons of fish once she leaves.

5. Tubbs can also give you lots of fish

Tubbs is a big white cat who will visit your yard once you put out cat food of moderate quality. He will proceed to eat all of your food and stay for a while. Once you refill the bowl, Tubbs will move on immediately. So how do you get lots of fish?

Well, here’s the trick. Once Tubbs finishes eating all of the food, wait for a little while and let him leave under his own power. Once this happens, he will gift you with lots of fish.

Strength Training For Basketball

Strength is a very important aspect of any sport, and basketball is no exception. But the type of strength required for a basketball player is very different from most other sports. Since basketball has huge physical demands on court, making your muscles as strong as possible, greatly reduces risk of injury as well as the severity of the injury when it occurs. Strength training programs for basketball players always focus on the muscles which give explosive and powerful movements to the body.


Developing leg muscles through exercises such as burpees, squats, lunges, jumps, calf raises increases the players agility. Strong leg muscles help in being more explosive on court and will allow the player to stop and change directions quickly. This will allow him to be quicker than his opponents and play more effectively.

Upper body strength is equally important for players as it can give you the edge over other players in terms of stealing, blocking, dunking and passing. Exercises such as pull ups, curls, bench presses and rows will increase your upper body strength.

Since players need both muscular power as well as muscular endurance, basketball workouts for strength training cover both these aspects.

Muscular endurance is the ability to perform repeated high intensity movements without fatigue to the body. Improvements in muscle endurance will improve the ability to sprint up and down the court quickly as well as improve the ability to jump several times without any loss in power. Workouts with resistance bands are a simple and effective way to build muscular endurance. Fast paced high intensity lifting and combining strength with cardio days in the gym also help build up endurance. The best drills which would help a basketball player are suicides.

Muscular Power is a combination of strength and speed of movement. Training for muscular power will result in better acceleration, quicker jumping and faster passing-on-court player. It helps to give out maximum force in the shortest time possible. Basketball players need to maximize power without adding too much weight as speed reduces with increased weight. One of the best methods for this type of strength training is plyometric exercises.

Plyometrics combines both speed and strength in single movement patterns. Plyometric workouts result in massive power and endurance gains for the body and also ensure that too much mass is not added on due to the increase in muscle, therefore ensuring that the on court speed of the player does not decrease.


Core training is another important part of basketball workouts for strength training. The core includes muscles around the lower back, hips and abdomen. Core muscles stabilize the body’s movements and keep the spine and hip joints aligned. Core stability also allows the body to return to a symmetrical balance after any movement. Some workouts for improving core stability and strength include bicycle kicks, medicine ball throws, alternating push ups and pillar bridge exercises.

Finger and wrist strength is the base of all points scored in a game of basketball. Squeezing exercises, wrist curls, dribbling with one finger and raising a weight plate with fingers are ways to improve finger and wrist strength so that the player can sink his jump shot from anywhere on the court.

5 Top Baseball Hitting Drills Mistakes People Make And How To Fix

Having watched people play this game for years and even had the chance to coach, there are quite a good number of hitting mistakes that I have found to be the most common through out the years. To get you started, here are top baseball hitting drills mistakes people always make and how to fix it.



At times, a player can be too eager to get the ball on its way in, and end up lunging out, trying to hit the ball before it even gets to the strike zone, and having their hits out of sequence, leading with their shoulders and hands instead of their lower body.

How to fix

As a coach, if you want to fix this problem, put your player through some hitting drills that focus largely on getting proper sequence, leading with their hips and legs.

Not keeping the head down

Pulling your head off the baseball is possible one of the most common mistakes people make. You cannot hit what you cannot see.

How to fix

Your chin should be engaged on top of the front shoulder as the ball is released from the pitcher’s hand and all the way down the hitting funnel. In short, when the front shoulder is released and you begin your attack on the ball, your head should remain down all the way through to an area of contact and beyond. This will help you track that t ball and stay on the ball when you swing.

Rolling the Wrist over

Another common mistake most baseball players make. Instead of placing their hands in proper position when hitting, the hitter loses balance during the swing ending up with their top hand palm down and the bottom hand palm up.

How to fix

As a player, you need to focus on keeping your chin over the top of your belly button and making sure you keep your balance dynamic, and moving the balance from one foot to foot.

Over striding

Watching professional players take their t-bats can in a myriad of ways influence younger players; they often try to put on a show with big strides and end up outstretched and completely off-balance.

How to fix

After each swing, stay in the position you finished in, take your bat and place it between your feet. Plus, the stride should be about the same length as your bat. Practice a hitting drill and after each swing, put the bat down and see if you have over stride.

Pulling off the ball

When you pull off the ball with your front shoulder, your head pulls off the ball


How to fix

A quick fix to this problem is The Fence Drill. This drill actually startswith the bat’s knob on the batter’s abdomen and straight out towards the fence. The player then brings the bat back into the normal hitting position and going through his swing with the fence acting like abarrier out front. This alone will allow the player to work on the correctsequenceallowing him or her to keep his or her hands inside, as well as, swing properly.