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March 2016

eSports: How to become a professional?

eSports is the professionalization of video gaming. Video games are no more pastimes. They are serious careers! It is a very popular career choice among the teenagers. Many are leaving colleges to become a professional video game player and earning lots of money. The games League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Call of Duty, StarCraft 2, FIFA, World of Warcraft, and Halo are played by the professional players.

Can you make it a career?

These professional players mainly earn from the prize money of different tournaments. But they can earn in other ways also, like providing video game lessons. Some professional gamers even charge more than $100 per hour for video game tutorials. The tournaments that take place are very well funded. The prize money offered in these tournaments is huge. This is because of the huge sponsorship of the games. There is an eSports International Federation. Countries playing eSports must be members of this association.

Giant companies sponsor these games for publicity. Since 2000, Samsung has been sponsoring the South Korean professional gaming teams. It now sponsors players for StarCraft 2 and League of Legends. Millions of viewers watch the eSports events each year. The tournaments’ global reach is huge.In order to be a professional video game player, you

Where to Start?

In order to be a professional video game player, you need start playing in sites called Gamebattles and compete with other skilled players. If you live in South Korea then you can enter one of their gaming houses where they teach you how to play video games. Then you can enter amateur tournaments. You can set up a Twitch stream for your own publicity. There are two universities in the US who are offering scholarships for ‘eSports athletes’. These are Robert Morris University in Chicago and University of Pikeville in Kentucky. The prospect of eSports is very high. Yet, it is not the time to quit your job in order to be a professional player.

The Tournaments

Then you can enter amateur tournaments. You can set up a Twitch stream for your own publicity. There are two universities in the US who are offering scholarships for ‘eSports athletes’. These are Robert Morris University in Chicago and University of Pikeville in Kentucky. The prospect of eSports is very high. Yet, it is not the time to quit your job in order to be a professional player.


Top 3 best selling books on business and entrepreneurship

The term ‘entrepreneur’ is very common and popular now. With the growth of entrepreneurship, the number of books being published in this topic is also increasing. Here are the 3 best selling books on business and entrepreneurship.

Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You, Daniel Priestley


In this book, the author told ‘Don’t fight for customers; let them fight over you!’ We all must have experienced such situation in some point of our lives. For example, queuing up in a restaurant for food or for buying a theatre ticket. So, you can see that in some businesses, customers do fight over you. You no longer have to chase after the customer. This book explains why people pay more for certain products or services and why they queue up to buy the products or services. This book shows the recipe of how demand can be more than the supply for your product or service.

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness, by Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is the New York Times bestselling author. He answers questions to everything you ever wanted to know. He is an unconventional entrepreneur who has shown concepts of ‘crush it’. His ways are fun and successful. He goes beyond the traditional way of doing business. He uses social media tools to reach the audience out there which is growing in number continuously.

# GirlBoss, by Sophia Amoruso


In this book, the author mentions about a philosophy for making your work life as fresh and fun as your personal adventures. She encourages people to be bossy and crude so that they can become masters of their own destiny.

These books have been very popular and have helped businesses to grow and succeed. The books are written by successful people in their own field. You can read these books to enhance your understanding about entrepreneurship.

Can the UFC ever become bigger than soccer?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a U.S.-based mixed martial arts organization. It is known as the largest MMA promotion in the world. The UFC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and is owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC. Large promotion has been done to increase it’s popularity. There has been mainstream coverage of it in the FOX, FX, and FUEL TV in the United States. It is now being shown in 35 other countries worldwide. UFC has gain recognition alongside the big 3 games of North America NFL, MLB and NBA.

The UFC Fight Pass digital subscription was launched to let fans access UFC and its content. Unlike the other games, UFC doesn’t have franchises throughout the country. So, fans can’t attend games always. In terms of television ratings, no other fight game has been able to achieve such a high rating.

The Revenues

The President of UFC is Dana White who was interviewed by Fox recently said that 70% of their fighters have college education. She also claims that UFC is bigger than NFL and is on the ‘neck and neck’ level with soccer. It has caused a serious stir among many people in the industry. Data shows that NFL has $5 billion in TV revenue, while MLB has $1.5 billion. The NBA is in the third place with $1 billion. NHL gets $600 million in revenue, MLS gets $30 million. The UFC’s deal with Fox is $90-$100 million a year. So, if revenue is considered to be the benchmark then we can see that UFC’s place is above that of MLS. In case of NHL, you can argue that UFC is more valuable on a pound-to-pound basis; so is more successful than NFL.

The Audience

The number of attendance is another benchmark for finding out the popularity of the game. The large league games have lots of franchises. The NFL and MLB have 68,000 and 30,000, respectively. The NFL and MLS have 18,000 attendances. UFC has 11,600 attendances across 32 events. UFC event takes place throughout the year. They have at least 2 games each month. According to frequency of the game, you can say that the capacity percentage of the UFC is among the top 3 games.

UFC uses pay-per-view scheme to broadcast their game. It’s Fight Pass has been a successful move. Still, according to the figures mentioned above, it is not yet time to compare UFC to the top three games. Monday Night Football on ESPN is the most watched show on cable till now.  UFC still has a long way to go.

5 Instagram Tips You Should Know

To say that Instagram is impressive would be an understatement. Instagram offers the users a 4.21 percent engagement level per post compared to Facebook which is at 0.07 percent. It is in fact the social media platform with the highest engagement level and without a doubt the fastest growing. With all these stats in favor of the platform, you can understand why it is so important for both brands and individuals to own an Instagram account. The most striking aspect about Instagram is that the platform has discovered the secret remedy to effectively present visual content to its social audience.

Regardless of whether you are a new user or you’ve been on Instagram for a while, these tips should help you run your account effectively.

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Learn how to optimize your hashtags

If you are after gaining distribution and getting the exposure that you’ve always wanted on Instagram you may want to consider using hashtags liberally. Twitter is the only platform that uses hashtags other than Instagram hence offering a perfect opportunity of aiding you with discovery.  To find the most effective reach try as much as possible to do a hashtag research prior to using the same for your post. for example one of the popular hashtag is who unfollowed me instagram

Share your photos with a selected few

If you are not into the vibe of sharing your photos on your feed so that people can see, you can take advantage of the feature commonly known as Direct to share the same photos with a selected number of people. The feature allows for sharing photos with up to 15 people on your friends list. This feature is perfect for situations where you want some privacy on some of your posts. The people you decide to share with can comment and like your photo the same way as in your feed.

Customize your bio

The benefits of creating a memorable bio can never be overemphasized. If you are looking to add unique formatting to your Instagram profile and make your page extraordinary compared to other users, you may want to consider creating a bio in Word.

Understand the rules and cultures of Instagram

What this basically means is that you should be in a position of understanding what Instagram is all about. For example, is a post is heavily hash-tagged on Instagram, it might work wonders for you on Instagram but the same cannot be said about an update on Facebook.

Only post the best

Get into the habit of taking and posting only the best of your photos if you really want to capture the attention of your followers. Instagram users are very swift when it comes to reacting to photos, they can like or dislike with the same level of enthusiasm if they do not find your post interesting.

Instagram is a platform with lots of opportunities available for users and that can explain why people even go to the extent of having to buy instagram followers to try and gain an advantage over their competition. Therefore try to be serious with your account and you might reap the benefits.