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May 2016

Stream Your Video, Be The Best Fan

The football extravaganza is here. Top European nations will come together for the coveted silverware, the Euro Cup. France is slowly getting the makeover to be the destination for the football crazy fans around the world. With the likes of Christiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahamovic dribblingthe ball, you surely want to be the first one to witness all that mind-boggling actions. But are you confused there about what will happen if your TV gets boxed, or your cable operator disrupts the supply? Don’t worry. You football fever will not be hampered. Here’s why.

The Euro 2016 official site provides you with the exciting option of streaming the live games. Catch the live action as well as match highlights, expert opinion and post match discussion and analysis. So take out your Macbook and switch on to experience the football fever by streaming.


Euro 2016 official site provides you with the unique opportunity to choose the specific channel which will air euro cup in your country. Streaming will make sure that you watch the action according to your wish. If you feel like you want to see the goal action just pause the streaming, rewind and watch it again. This season experience the opportunities that internet provides you with.

Match highlights is also an addition. You can stream previous matches which you may have missed because of being stuck in the office. Match highlights needs constant streaming and you will enjoy the game.

Now let’s come to the pre-requisites for streaming. First of all you require a decent internet connection which will help you get uninterrupted streaming. For slow connections it is always recommended that you do the entire buffering and then start watching as there will be less disruption during the game. Make sure that you have upgraded browsers like IE8, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox along with the necessary media players and plugins installed. Stream may sometime lag a little but you can keep yourself update about the stats from the stats bar.

UEFA EURO 2016 official site will provide you the best possible match videos. But few other sites are also providing you with the option of streamed videos. Sites like live foot ball ol, live soccer tv, mama hd etc are also providing you with the option. Few sites may require prior registration for viewing. So complete all the pre requisites before the battle begins. If not anything YOUTUBE will definitely provide you with match clippings which you can stream and watch. UEFA’s official site is also providing you with the option of match viewing and video streaming.


If you ever face any problem during streaming, close your browser and start again or upgrade your media player. You may choose your suitable commentary language also. Now, time for the best part. You can also have HD videos. So if you want to see crystal clear pictures switch onto HD streaming and you will experience the game like never before.

So, make use of Euro 2016 stream and watch the game just by clicking and cheer for your favorite team. It’s easy and swift.

What To Look For In A Licensed Money Lender

When you find yourself with unpaid debts and little income to spend, your situation may eventually lead to stress. In such cases, people turn to their family and friends to help them financially. However, in the absence of help by near ones, you will have the option of borrowing money. The ultimate source for taking money on credit is from licensed money lender.


Debt may arise suddenly, with surprise payments and bills that may be a result of medical troubles, home equipment that needs repairing and other such sources of expenditure that cannot always be predicted. In such cases, money may be required within short time-frames.


Banks do offer loans, but the process is long-drawn and time consuming. Working with a credible licensed money dealer, on the other hand, has a number of profits over the banks :

  • Money lenders cut the waiting-time period tremendously. While the paperwork and initial submission of application itself, with traditional bank loans, takes up hours and even days, the money lenders only require the borrower to fill in a brief online form. Upon meeting the eligibility and criteria such as employment details and age, the application is processed. In contrast, formal loans from the banks may require a series of documents that one might have to hunt for, compile, gather photocopies and other such hassles.
  • The approval for bank loans takes a long period of time, whilst the licensed money lenders may contact and give their approval within a matter of days. The stress of the waiting period should also be considered when laying the pros and cons of each institution.

The best way to find the best money lender is by researching and quoting with the different licensed money lenders that are available in the locality. It is crucial to find the right partner, in order to avoid any chances of increasing the debt that one already finds himself in. Here a few pointers that will help to decide and judge the researched subjects :

  • Interest Rate :

Depending on the financial circumstances one finds himself/ herself in, this is the first and foremost quality to look out for. Comparison of the different rates of interest will help to find out the most reasonable price quoted. Make sure that the interest rate is within your own means, however, also remember that the lowest interest rate does not always mean that the institution will provide the best services.

  • Credibility :

The best way to assure the credibility of any moneylender is to confirm that they have a valid license. A valid license should be affiliated with any registry that is recognized by the law. The most advisable moneylender to work with are the ones who have been in operation over a longer period of time.


  • Return Time :

Before engaging in any agreement with the money lender, make sure that you are given enough time allowance to return the loan with the interest. In accordance with your financial circumstances, be realistic about the time-period and negotiate in advance about flexibility if required.

  • References :

Talk to friends, family members and other people who have experience in this field and ask them for recommendations to narrow down your research.


Tech-Wonder Seo And The Popular Seo Toronto

The technological world is a rapidly developing, frequently growing platform. Every single second, it goes through a change, makes a difference, creates something new. Technologies are also proposed, designed, drafted, modified and developed frequently, leading us to a smoother life.

What is SEO:

The internet dependant, web-oriented lifestyle is the solution for all the probable queries and problems in daily life. What really makes sure that every answer is provided wonderfully and fast to the users is the optimization of the search engine’s pages. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization or commonly referred as SEO is a much used and a quite popular term in the world of technology. It affects and enhances the visibility and availability of a certain web-page or website in any search engine’s natural or ‘Organic’ results. It develops the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from several search engines and a method used is to promote certain sites improving the number of ‘Backlinks’.


Process of SEO:

Search engines go through Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating relevancy and Retrieving results respectively, in order to generate and display the results. Optimization can be classified into two categories. The first one; selecting appropriate keywords and providing proper contents, placing the keywords correctly and naming every single page with subtlety, is called On-page SEO and the second category, creating and improving the popularity of the links, is Off-page SEO. Bunch of SEO tools and software are available in the market. Such as- ‘Screamingfrog’, MOZ etcetera that provide the required services to the users.

SEO methods:

Methods of SEO are categorized into two variations. Those are, the White-Hat process and the Black-Hat type. Another pivotal role is played by the good content. Use of appealing titles attract the visitors and unambiguous, lucid language target more audience much faster.

SEO Toronto:

There are a number of companies around the globe providing good services by creating quality SEO. ‘TorontoDesigned’, a Toronto based SEO company, has flourished in gaining a lot of users. Great research, a wonderful set up and good link generating of the company ensures their success in the business.


SEO Toronto performs image, video, local, industry specific searches, news and other different types of searches. The company has accomplished in improving the search engine friendliness of websites, optimizing them accurately and placing them in results orderly; compelling users to check out those web-pages first.

SEO Toronto has achieved huge popularity for their contributions to the users. The user reviews in Google Plus testify to how famous and excellent their performances have been. They respond to the queries of the users also helping them understand and experience good SEO and choose their company for the job.

The finest attributes of the process of SEO holds the key to a smooth web experience and it is rightly the foundation of the present web world. And SEO Toronto plays an important part of this famed process of web-optimization.

Sous Vide Wizard, Precise Temperature Control Cooking Tips For Home Use

Sous vide is a French word which literally translates to ‘under the vacuum’. Sous vide cooking involves food being cooked in a vacuum sealed bag heated in a water bath. This way food is kept at a constant temperature, retaining all nutrients and flavours. With sous vide cooking food flavour is kept consistent; this technique is super useful for anyone who is trying to keep the taste of the dishes exactly the same every time it is served.


Sous vide cooking is especially used in industry for steak, as people want it cooked in different mediums. This way you set the temperature you want for a particular medium and allow the sous vide to take care of the rest. However, it is not the only use of sous vide. Sous vide can be used to cook anything; vegetables, desserts etc. In the house this is a useful technique to start using. Sous vide wizard helps you realise the advantage of this cooking technique when you use it in your home.

Sous vide helps retain all the nutrition of anything you are cooking. If you are cooking chicken in a pot all the nutrition is poured down the drain, however using sous vide you retain every molecule. This way you get all the taste and flavour of the dish as well as all the health benefits. This makes your dish tasty right to perfection

At homes when you have to do the other chores, sous vide is a great technique to use. You wouldn’t have to baby sit your dish, as you know it will cook to your desired temperature. This way you can focus on other stuff and let the sous vide take care of your food.

How does it work?

  • Place your meat in a vacuum sealed bag along with seasoning
  • Set the temperature you want your meat to cook at
  • Place the vacuum bag in the bath tub
  • Let the meat cook to the desired temperature
  • Once it reaches your desired temperature, you can take out the vacuum bag


 Advantages of Sous vide cooking

  • Consistency of food taste is maintained.
  • Time saver, it is very easy to put meat with seasoning in a vacuum bag for cooking.
  • Once food reaches the desired temperature it is held there ready for when you want to eat it. The temperature remains for example at 140, this way even if you forget about the dish you haven’t under cooked or over cooked it.
  • Flavors stay with dish; they are not lost on grill or pan.

For more information on sous vide and its home uses, please get in touch with sous vide wizard. They will provide you with all the details of how and where this technique started and how well it works. It will provide you with the benefits of the technique and how well you can use it at your home. It will also help you choose the right cooker from the wide range of options.

Making Your Way Through Pixel Gun 3d- Cheats!

Pixel Gun 3D hack 2016 has become a craze and a truly addictive game for most gamers. The gamer has to defeat block shaped villains and the boss to escalate to a higher level. The game offers players with attractive weaponry and armory that increases its standing a few notches up. And with every successful game comes its set of hacks that gamers compulsively play and find. A number of hacks have been discovered. Here is a list of the hacks 2016. We all know how difficult it is to earn coins in Pixel Gun 3d. It seems nearly impossible unless you can shell out some bucks. You can easily earn coins without paying in real cash-

  • With the coins from your account you can buy premium guns like Laser Cannon or Automatic Peacemaker M2. Then you must change the level of difficulty to hard and play Farm in Campaign. You can get 3 stars and thus 3 coins. Repeating the process will help earn more coins.
  • Another way is to have multiplayer battles which can be either team battle or play with other players using time Survival. You have to go on cooperative mode for this. Although, you really need to have higher level guns to win coins either when your team wins or when you become a high score player. However playing on survival mode is likely to get you more than the normal amount of coins you would get by playing otherwise.


  • In the time survival mode reduce the players to only two and then stay in the game alone. Surviving this can help you acquire a god amount of coins
  • Playing on deadly games can give a decent amount of coins based on the number of people and whether you have won.
  • Using sites like or also helps procure premium guns/coins/gems.
  • The best way to collect coins is through getting as much of xp as you can. You can get xp by winning three stars when you level and also by making it through online games. As you level up you get more and more coins based on how high the level you are at. This is working through the system the hard way and learning to master the game.
  • You must also try to search for servers that are marked as nk (no kill) or find opponents that are easy targets for e.g. some players might still use the first guns of the game and can easily be won over with the right set of weaponry and armory.
  • Battling on coop survival also ensures more coins. You should go to the mode and kill for around 4 minutes and then double click he home button. Then go to general and change the timing by adding 4 minutes to it.


  • On survival mode you can get 10 coins per 10,000 points. So to get maximum run around the enemies until they all come together and spawn all of them. Then later run around the pack and shoot all the monsters. Once you reach wave five the waves following are the same.

SO here’s wishing you a happy time playing!

Youtube Marketing 101!

Youtube is a video-sharing website launched in 2005. This company has its headquarters in San Bruno, California in United States. It was founded by a trio of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, former employees of PayPal. However, in 2006 google took over the company. It has come a long way since the time of its inception. A decade later it the top video-sharing website around the globe.  Today when we require information we just google it, similarly when we require to visualize anything we go to youtube. It has all kind of videos – from songs to commercials to daily soaps to documentaries to films to short films to power point presentations. All in one place. The best part of it is that it comes free of cost. In order to share videos screening on youtube one need not have an account. However, you can open an account and broadcast your own videos via your own channel. You can subscribe to other people channels and comment on videos or save them up for later.


Features of youtube

On the top right hand side corner there is an arrow. Go here and click it. You will get option of sharing the video across various social media platforms like google+, facebook, twitter, mail. Beside this icon you have the save later icon. Go here and click on it save for later. At the bottom right hand side corner you have a box icon. Go here and click on it you can watch it in full screen. Beside this you have icons for subtitles, settings and cinema mode. Settings option is used to display the exact specification of the video like auto play, sound quality, annotations etc. on the down left hand side corner there is volume, replay and play/pause button. Go here each time you required to replay or pause or adjust the volume of the video. Below the name of the published person there is button to subscribe to the channel of that particular user. Below this you have a task bar displaying a series of 3 icons at the left hand side and 2 icons on the right hand side.

The left hand side icons include Add to your playlist icon, share and more. The more icon is there for making any report of obscene or copyright issues or for viewing the transcript. The 2 icons at right hand side are the like and dislike options depicted by an uplifted thumb and a down lifted one.  Together these 2 display the acceptability of a video by the no. of like and dislikes received. Above these 2 icons there is a display of number of views received by the video. After this task bar there lies the comment section where you can input your comments about the video or share links of other websites or other youtube video links. There is vertical list of probable videos you might like to view, displayed on the right side of the screen. This list gets updated according to your browsing history and the relatedness of the video your watching to other like-minded ones.

Snoopa Vision, Youtube’s new feature

Snoopa Vision is a virtual reality concept. It enables you to watch videos in 360 degrees from different directions. On April 1st, 2016 Youtube has enabled this option. Well, with this option in place you can watch videos in 360 degrees combined with Snoop Dogg – the king of HipHop. Hence the name Snoopa Vision. This was created by the content studio Portal A and the director of innovation at youtube Ben Relles. The chief architect of this project was none other than Snoop Dogg. This option is going to  roll out by 19th January 2031. Nevertheless a beta version of it is already available. This version has added the Snoopa Vision icon beside the settings icon. Go here and click the icon. Wait to see what happens. You are expecting a virtual world but alas it is an april fool’s joke played by Youtube. A click on the icon open up a list of top viewed videos of celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Olga Kay etc. So it is an option to view the top browsed videos of famous youtube users in one place. It is similar to google’s april fool’s day prank “mic”.  

How to create an excellent youtube video

You hear about many people becoming a star by broadcasting their potential in youtube. To be one of them you need to know the exact technique and tools to make an awesome video. One which will garner huge number of youtube views and is shared by one and all.

The right tools to garner the best video includes a good HD camera with good microphones. As most of the videos are created indoors, the camera should be a low-light auto focus one. Microphone, stereo audio sound, low-light settings, automatic light correction are the essentials. HD  Pro Webcam C920 offers all these in a viable range of 100$. It shoots videos in 1080p.


  • For outdoor videos canon video creator kit is a good choice. It has a SLR facility with in-built wifi connections, automatic zoom lens, and a microphone at the top. All this comes at a price of 1300$.
  • Other things which are an essential requirement – are the camera accessories. This include tripod stands, Video capture and motion creator devices, good quality microphone. One can do without these accessories but they will enhance your performance and the video quality.
  • At 80$ comes the JobyGorillaPod SLR-Zoom with Ballhead tripod stand. This is a pretty cool feature tripod stand with an adjustable flexible ball head at the top. It can change direction and bend according to your convenience. So you can easily bend the stand according to your preferred angle.
  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable is an affordable video capture device, available at a price of 160$. It records gameplays on your SD card and comes with a headset connection. It shoots 1080p videos.
  • Rode smartLav+ at  79$ is a good microphone with background noise reduction and wind disturbance minimalizing capabilities. At 33$ Mattel Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator provides a total package.
  • All these tools can lead to great Video making you an overnight youtube star.

Over-all, this a go-here when in trouble article for all round knowledge regarding youtube and video creation

What’s GTST All About?

Everywhere you look, even in newspapers and articles, you’ll know that soap operas are a hit in just about any country. Although not all soap operas in every country are famous, soap operas overall is something people can’t get enough of. For a lot of people, it’s the main highlight of their evenings as they relax after a long day’s work. Soap operas are so successful overall that some countries have long running shows; they go on for years that all the original casts have already been replaced. But now, we’ll talk about the longest running and highest rated soap opera in the Netherlands. 280x157-05_

An Introduction to GTST

GTST stands for Goede tijden, slechte tijden and it English it translates to good times, bad times. Goede tijden gemist is a Dutch TV show name. It’s the longest running Dutch soap opera out of all their numerous soap operas. The show began way back in October 1, 1990 up until this present day. Not only that, but it’s the first ever daily soap opera in Netherlands. GTST is produced by Joop van den Ende and currently has over 5,000 broadcasted episodes.images_q=tbn_ANd9GcT-84leXytULj9NbEapHy5n-A7VQTujor_iModfGFqa0ISJNnHW3g

The show was greatly inspired by ‘The Restless Years’ which is also a soap opera in Australia. But it has long gone off to an original plot, specifically during its third season. Until now it airs from Monday to Friday at 20:00. The regular viewers are an astonishing 1.5 million, which is why it’s considered as the highest rated soap opera all throughout Netherlands. Recently in 2016 a spin-off was produced entitled Nieuwe Tijden which translates to New Times, it basically centres around the new GTST characters.

Plot Summary

GTST revolves mainly around the families of Alberts, Van Houten, Sanders, Bouwhuis and De Jong including important aspects of their lives. All of it takes place in Meerdjik, a fictional town created mainly for GTST. Like many other soap operas, the plot involves quite a lot of marriage, kidnapping, business, divorce, betrayal, love and others. Recently, GTST has ventured into more controversial plots and topics. Another thing that the show is known for is their yearly summer breaks; the show ends at around June end resume around September. GTST is also notorious for leaving cliff-hangers during season breaks. The cliff-hangers usually centre on family dramas and issues, but recently they feature disasters and jaw dropping twists.

Original Casts

As we said, almost all the original casts have been replaced by new casts. GTST has paved the road to fame of many of the former casts such as Antonie Kamrling, Katja Schuurman and Reinout Oerlemans.

  • Antonie Kamerling as Peter Kelder during 1990-93, 1995
  • Reinout Oerlemans as Arnie Alberts during 1990-96
  • Joost Buitenweg as Rien Hoogendoorn during 1990-92
  • Frédérique Huydts as Annette Dekker-van Thijn during 1990-92
  • Babette van Veen as Linda Dekker during 1990-98, 2005-06, 2015 – present
  • Isa Hoes as Myriam van der Pol during 1990-94
  • Ingeborg Wieten as Suzanne Balk Carpenter during 1990-2000
  • Marlous Fluitsma as Helen Helmink (#1) during 1990-91
  • Rick Engelkes as Simon Dekker during 1990-94, 1997-98, 2003
  • Jette van der Meij as laura Selmhorst 1990 – present
  • Wilbert Gieske as Robert Alberts during 1990-2008, 2015-2016
  • Wim Zomer as Daniel Daniel during 1990-99
  • Inge Ipenburg as Martine Hafkamp during 1990-94, 2003-05
  • Hein van Beem as Nico Stenders during 1990-91
  • Antoinette van Belle as Stephanie Stenders-Kreeft during 1990-94
  • Dieter Jansen as Jan van Ede during 1900-91
  • Djuna Hougee as Petra van Ede during 1990-91
  • Carola Gijsbers van Wijk as Wil de Smet during 1990-98