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May 2017

Introducing the new Honda Civic Si

There has been a huge craze for the new 2017 Honda Civic Si model being unleashed and needless to say it matched up to all the speculations made about it. The joy of the Honda enthusiast and the loyalists knew no bounds when they got to know about the upgraded model of their old favorite again hitting the market. A new model for the Honda obsessed drivers and there is much wow about the new car. With forced induction for the first time ever in this sports model is in itself a huge feat. 

Drawing inspiration from the excellent Honda model Civic, the 2017 compact has been powered turbo four injected in 1.5 liter that induces it to offer 205 horsepower and add to it, a six speed manual transmission to make it a daily man’s comfort car to run up and down the terrain.  With the inclusion of a chassis of better rigidity and the front brakes bigger than before, the performance of the car is certainly upgraded.

With much better handling and induced adaptive dampers in the model, the compact will now have two modes of driving, with one being the Sports mode and the other being the Normal settings. The most spectacular thing about this model is the rear wing that is sure to turn round heads when the car zooms by on the roads. Honda always have held a high name in indulging excellent seats and beautiful interiors but the feature has been upped yet again in this 2017 model with the seats being more comfortable and cozy as they seem.

We hope you found the above information helpful. We wish you good luck on your journey to venture more about the new Honda Civic Si 2017! For more, keep reading!