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Why You Need To Cover Your Car?

As a car owner, you are always worried about your car especially when you just get a new one. If you’ve just got a new pair of wheels, and you’re wondering whether or not car covers are a good idea, you should get one. Although it doesn’t seem fair to cover up your beautiful investment, there are a number of reasons why it is always great to cover it up.  bmwcover

One of the major reasons car covers are so popular is because they help to keep your car paint look new and shiny for a long time. It protects the wax and the paint and prevents it from fading. This means your car will look newer for longer.

Believe it or not, bird droppings are more harmful than you thought they were. While they make your car look ugly and driving a car with bird droppings on it can be embarrassing. These droppings contain small amounts of acid which can potentially damage the paint of your car. When you cover your car, you prevent these droppings from reaching your car and this helps to keep your car safe._32

Another advantage of covering your car is protecting it from dents and scratches. There are times when your car is parked and someone walks by with a set of keys or something sharp in their hand. They may scrape your car by mistake. Since your car would be protected by an excellent car cover, this sharp object will have no effect on the car.

Another amazing advantage of covering your car is to keep it from getting stolen. It is a known fact that thieves pass covered vehicles as it does take longer to take off the cover and then get into the vehicle. You should consider these benefits and get a car cover today.

The Decoration With Atv Graphics

ATV graphics in simple language can be assumed as stickers that are applied on your quads and technically they are called graphics. They are a great way to ameliorate the look of your old quad or to improve the appearance of new quad. The use of ATV graphics brightens and gives a new spirit to your ride. Be it racing, be it hitting the trails, ATV graphics help you make a mark for yourself and leave a stunning and long-running impression on others.

ATV graphics kits are like a bride’s trousseau. It has different categories of graphics with many pieces and machine specific graphics which give a distinct look to the quads. Now girly-tinged quads are also available which are be hopeful of female riders.  You could also select a colour and add personal information’s that sport your name, brands, race number etc. Smaller graphics are also available in case you want to embellish only a part of quad. ATV graphics kit is made of vinyl laminating film which is doubly polished and is suitable for quads decals, Motorcycle decals etc. UV resistant inks are used for digital printing of quads as a consequence of which are deemed durable and do not fade away for 5 years or so.

Following are the basic instructions of application of graphics for any ATV.   The steps mentioned below have taken the application of ATV graphics kits on Polaris predator. The first and foremost step is to wash clean your ATV of all the dirt and it should look spic and span before graphic are applied. The decal plastic should be rid of all the scratches or scars because the smoothness of the surface of decal plastic will determine the appearance of the graphics to be applied. A sharp edged razor or a sandpaper could be used to wash off the dust. It is advisable that the while applying the graphics the room temperature should not drop below 60 degrees or else you could use a heat gun to warm the plastics and graphics to be applied.


Secondly, the plastic should be free from films of certain chemicals and grease. To do this use isopropyl alcohol to mop the plastic and use a soft piece of cloth to remove the wax and oil left on your hands from the use of cleaners and polishes. During the process of manufacturing, your ATV is coated with a film which used for moulding release, which is also needed to be removed before the application of graphics. You should frequently use the soft rag to clean your hands because the oil of your hands may cling to the plastic and may reduce the adhesives of the decals to be applied.

Thirdly is to start the application of graphics and you should commence this with the area of the gas tank.  Align the top edges of the graphics and apply them working over to the left side of graphic. While graphic is being applied, slide it back and forth with the use of thumbs and in this way the air bubbles would not be trapped under the graphics. Do not overstretch the decal and make sure your hands are oil free. As a result of this two-pronged precaution you would find that you are able to take off the decal partially and re stick it without any loss in the vinyl of the adhesive.

Fourthly is the application of the graphics around troublesome areas like the headlight and fender. To have your way over these difficult areas heat of the heat gun comes handy. The heat gun relaxes the vinyl to comply with the shape of angles of these areas. Post application of the graphics, reuse the heat gun and press the graphics to ensure that adhesive is glued to the plastic.  In case an air bubble annoys your decals; the way out is to rub the graphics in the direction towards the bubble to make it as tiny as possible and then prick a hole in the top most point of the bubble with a needle. The air will escape. Then heat this area with the heat gun until all the air in the bubble escapes. The process can be put to use again if the bubbles remain still.

After this you might face a problem of decal of the lower front panel overlapping with that of the tank. The drill is to start at the front portion and rub it according to the shape of the panel. After this opposite side panels should be adorned followed by the remaining areas. While applying on the fender area, start with the lower front part and then align the top part of the graphics to the seam of t fender.

Polaris Outlaw 90 Graphics Kit NS CR

Sixthly is the decals of the front grill. Start with lower edges and then rub it upwards. The lower part covers the polaris logo. The graphics of the centre are cut in such a way as to conform to the shape of the faceted sections of the front grill. These pieces do press against each other but do not overlap. You have to start from the bottom and rub it reaching the upper portion.

Lastly is the winding up of the graphic application. Finish applying the remaining graphics and you have your new-looking Predator to boast off. The adhesives of the graphic take a week or so for fully sticking to the plastic.  If you want to remove these graphics again you could heat them up. This will soften the decals and they will come off easily.

What Are The Options You Find For Used Cars Under $1000?

When it comes to buying a car, everyone wants the best in the class but few of them adjust this feature because of the restricted budget they planned. Considering their planning and depending on their budget the chances are dependent. More the budget, better the options of cars, and less the budget, less chances of finding the right ones. Let us now see few models of used cars under $1,000.

  • 1973 AMC HORNET:

American Motors Corporation is an American based automobile company which was established in 1954. AMC hornet has made its presence in the market from 1969. It adjusted its ergonomics till 1977. This is a compact sedan made out of ruling the other vehicle in this line-up. It replaced compact Rambler American.  These cars were manufactured and marketed to other countries as well.


Being a classic model car, it won’t upset its owner because of its looks. It can satisfy and most reliably used today. Its classic sport look and auto gear transmission will make you feel the ride comfortable. Though it supports the auto gear transmission but it has the two wheel drive. That means the power of steering resist to only the rear wheels. No matter the con of the vehicle, it can roar on road like hell with its 10 cylinder engine. The company drawn this vehicle into market with two models which are basically,

  1. Two door model
  2. Four door model

Seat of the driver has the reclined function and it has that upholstered position. When coming to the safety of the vehicle, it is recommended to the highest because of the crash worthiness regulation it offers on the front and the sides.

  • 1977 TOYOTA FJ40:


Toyota is the well known brand all over the world. The makers of Toyota started their sheds in Japan in 1937. The Toyota fj40 model is drawn from land cruiser 40 series. Many of the land cruisers were designed in 2 door SUV models. It has that 4 door option as well. This car model looks assemble to that of back door ambulance. It posses 2 wheel drive in manual transmission. Many of the cruisers and SUVs now-a-days provide us four wheel drive because of the ergonomics and depending on the conditions it should be used in.

Toyota’s new model land cruiser, prado are the new generation SUVs. It uses petrol as fuel, but few of the other models in the same line up uses diesel for its motion. This vehicle gives higher fuel economy in the class and most recommended by the masses and classes of the car lovers. A 10 cylinder engine powers this machine, and one can experience the strength of this vehicle when you put the legs on the accelerator deep to its level. One can change the look of the car by removing the side doors of the car, and even the roof of the car. This change can give maximum cargo capacity.