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Budget Cars For The Urban World

Want a car to commute comfortably daily? Tired of travelling in the buses and metros all the time? In dire need of a disposable and low maintenance car at your garage? A car which is luxurious and at the same time comes comfortably under the decided budget? Well here show listed is a fleet of efficient and elegant beauties that rule the road since they hit it. Go through it for once and you might find yourself spoilt for choices with all the cars under $10,000!

Infiniti G35

Initiated in 2003 to 2005, this is the optimum car to start the list with. One of the demanding prospects in the car that sets it apart from the rest and makes you want it more is the luxury and comfort it offers. And to top it all, the G35 has the car giant Infiniti’s name engraved on it. With more or less all the types in the G35 series having cushioned seats and alloy wheels while having wide features of button starts, Bluetooth along with the other benefits; they also have an in built navigation featuring system. A reliable car on the streets, the Infiniti G35 comes comfortably well under $10000.


Nissan Versa

A formidable choice always when it came to cars is Nissan Versa. The hovering fact is that it does not have any sleek design or have any out of the world driving aids, but is the most inexpensive and popular car on the list. With a sound valve of 4 cylinders and a sleek body design for a hatchback, it is in demand.  Not too high on expectations but an apt car to run on the roads under $10000.

Toyota Corolla

A long time favorite, this Toyota model is offered as a sedan in the market. It was sold like hot cakes because at the time in the market, a sedan car with compact doors and body design is what the people wanted to have. Corolla can brag of it all- exclusive car features, low maintenance, easy to drive and handling features like navigations systems with an inbuilt AC. With a powerful engine in even the starting models, this car is a great choice to own under $10000. All these features are one of the main reasons it is in so much demand even today.


Toyota RAV4

Toyota is really a great company that makes highly efficient cars that comes comfortably under $10000. One more efficient car to the list is RAV4. This model came into the market and fulfilled all the demands which were putting the SUV buyers having a difficult time to find in one car. With a magnificent fuel economy and east to drive experience, this model offers the choice of either being a manual or an automatic type. This car really is highly recommended to the buyers hoping to buy a great car under $10000.

We wish you good luck on your journey to venture more about used cars! For more, keep reading!