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Youtube Marketing 101!

Youtube is a video-sharing website launched in 2005. This company has its headquarters in San Bruno, California in United States. It was founded by a trio of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, former employees of PayPal. However, in 2006 google took over the company. It has come a long way since the time of its inception. A decade later it the top video-sharing website around the globe.  Today when we require information we just google it, similarly when we require to visualize anything we go to youtube. It has all kind of videos – from songs to commercials to daily soaps to documentaries to films to short films to power point presentations. All in one place. The best part of it is that it comes free of cost. In order to share videos screening on youtube one need not have an account. However, you can open an account and broadcast your own videos via your own channel. You can subscribe to other people channels and comment on videos or save them up for later.


Features of youtube

On the top right hand side corner there is an arrow. Go here and click it. You will get option of sharing the video across various social media platforms like google+, facebook, twitter, mail. Beside this icon you have the save later icon. Go here and click on it save for later. At the bottom right hand side corner you have a box icon. Go here and click on it you can watch it in full screen. Beside this you have icons for subtitles, settings and cinema mode. Settings option is used to display the exact specification of the video like auto play, sound quality, annotations etc. on the down left hand side corner there is volume, replay and play/pause button. Go here each time you required to replay or pause or adjust the volume of the video. Below the name of the published person there is button to subscribe to the channel of that particular user. Below this you have a task bar displaying a series of 3 icons at the left hand side and 2 icons on the right hand side.

The left hand side icons include Add to your playlist icon, share and more. The more icon is there for making any report of obscene or copyright issues or for viewing the transcript. The 2 icons at right hand side are the like and dislike options depicted by an uplifted thumb and a down lifted one.  Together these 2 display the acceptability of a video by the no. of like and dislikes received. Above these 2 icons there is a display of number of views received by the video. After this task bar there lies the comment section where you can input your comments about the video or share links of other websites or other youtube video links. There is vertical list of probable videos you might like to view, displayed on the right side of the screen. This list gets updated according to your browsing history and the relatedness of the video your watching to other like-minded ones.

Snoopa Vision, Youtube’s new feature

Snoopa Vision is a virtual reality concept. It enables you to watch videos in 360 degrees from different directions. On April 1st, 2016 Youtube has enabled this option. Well, with this option in place you can watch videos in 360 degrees combined with Snoop Dogg – the king of HipHop. Hence the name Snoopa Vision. This was created by the content studio Portal A and the director of innovation at youtube Ben Relles. The chief architect of this project was none other than Snoop Dogg. This option is going to  roll out by 19th January 2031. Nevertheless a beta version of it is already available. This version has added the Snoopa Vision icon beside the settings icon. Go here and click the icon. Wait to see what happens. You are expecting a virtual world but alas it is an april fool’s joke played by Youtube. A click on the icon open up a list of top viewed videos of celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Olga Kay etc. So it is an option to view the top browsed videos of famous youtube users in one place. It is similar to google’s april fool’s day prank “mic”.  

How to create an excellent youtube video

You hear about many people becoming a star by broadcasting their potential in youtube. To be one of them you need to know the exact technique and tools to make an awesome video. One which will garner huge number of youtube views and is shared by one and all.

The right tools to garner the best video includes a good HD camera with good microphones. As most of the videos are created indoors, the camera should be a low-light auto focus one. Microphone, stereo audio sound, low-light settings, automatic light correction are the essentials. HD  Pro Webcam C920 offers all these in a viable range of 100$. It shoots videos in 1080p.


  • For outdoor videos canon video creator kit is a good choice. It has a SLR facility with in-built wifi connections, automatic zoom lens, and a microphone at the top. All this comes at a price of 1300$.
  • Other things which are an essential requirement – are the camera accessories. This include tripod stands, Video capture and motion creator devices, good quality microphone. One can do without these accessories but they will enhance your performance and the video quality.
  • At 80$ comes the JobyGorillaPod SLR-Zoom with Ballhead tripod stand. This is a pretty cool feature tripod stand with an adjustable flexible ball head at the top. It can change direction and bend according to your convenience. So you can easily bend the stand according to your preferred angle.
  • AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable is an affordable video capture device, available at a price of 160$. It records gameplays on your SD card and comes with a headset connection. It shoots 1080p videos.
  • Rode smartLav+ at  79$ is a good microphone with background noise reduction and wind disturbance minimalizing capabilities. At 33$ Mattel Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator provides a total package.
  • All these tools can lead to great Video making you an overnight youtube star.

Over-all, this a go-here when in trouble article for all round knowledge regarding youtube and video creation