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How To Solve ‘Lack Of Space’ Problem

One of the most awaited consoles has been released and the PS4 PRO was everything that we could have wished for. The only problem we will have is with the PS4 internal hard drive, which is just a 1 TB drive. This part about consoles have always caused a lot of problem for gamers all over the world as they constantly need t delete their games before downloading a new one after some days and we all know how much that hurts. You can always buy a good memory stick which you can use when the internal memory is full.


The Samsung EVO 1 TB hard drive is one of the smoothest and drives in the market with all the technicalities that a gamer could wish for. This is a SSD device so you don’t have to care about the installation time of the game because it is super fast. Your space doubles and you can keep twice as many games compared to before. It is priced at $309.

The Western digital black 6 TB hard disk is the one for you if you never want to run out of space. It is slower than SSHD or SSD devices but faster than the old school devices that run at 5400 rpm. It is priced at $270 so the price per GB is great. It won’t fit inside the console though and you will have to adjust it somewhere on the hood.The Seagate Expandable Portable 2 TB hard drive is just for $70 and is a HDD Drive. It is an external hard drive which can be fitted into the console with some assembling. It has a great Gigabytes to price ratio and can be always used is an extra device so that great. When you are assembling the hard drive into the console, your 2 year warranty will become void.

Have Fun Playing Golf With A Golf GPS

Golf is a very popular sport and people enjoy playing this all over the world. While initially one needed to manually measure the distance that they have taken from the shot one need not do this once they have a golf GPS device. There are a number of reasons why golf GPS devices are becoming increasingly popular by the day and if you are wondering why you should get this device then you need to know that it can make your life a lot easier and you will manage to enjoy playing golf a lot better as compared to what you used to play. It is important for you to invest in a good quality Golf GPS device and in order for you to pick the right device you need to read reviews and figure out which is the best golf gps 2017 has to offer. GPS device does not depend on the price and this is why reviews help you make a better choice.

Once you have the right golf GPS device you will not have to worry about whether or not it will last you for a long time. A good GPS device is always accurate and it helps you to enjoy your game of golf a lot better. Since you can measure the distance of your golf shot within seconds you can actually spend more time playing the game. Once you know what you are doing wrong it also gives you more scope for improvement and helps you to play better without wasting too much time.When you use this GPS device a lot of people will come and question you about it and this helps you to make more friends. Once you get in touch with people who are experienced in the sport of golf you can pick up some tips and tricks from them as well.

Ultimate Guide For Buying Wireless Router

In a modern word wireless router is plays a vital role and nearly everyone business, house, apartment or sketch van is having wireless router. When it comes to the function of wireless router then it is allowing the user to connect your computer or device to the broadband internet service. With the help of this router people can share their stream media or data files and most of the sites are offering this wireless router at their official site. But if you are looking to buy the best home routers 2017 then you have to consider some factor.

Ultimate tips for choosing the best wireless router

In case you are looking to buy the best home routers 2017 then the first thing you have to know about the types of router. The next thing you have to consider whether you are looking for the router for your home or company. Most important thing people have to look out the types of the wireless cards which you have at your computer or laptop. There are vast numbers of wavelengths are used in this router such as

  • 11
  • 11 a
  • 11 n
  • 11 g
  • 11 b

When it comes to the signal type then there are two different types of signal types are there such as 300 feet outdoors and 150 feet indoor. Most of the companies are offering this product at their site but all are not producing positive results. If you are looking to buy the best one then you have to do some research. In case you are looking for the hard wired connection then you no need to use router. But wireless router is the ideal way to get internet connection for smartphone and tablet. Basically this kind of router is made with the international standards because it is the more advanced technology. If you are looking to buy the branded router then you have to consider first ac standard. Following 802.11ac is the best choice because it is having ability of streaming the HD video. It is offering the signal too many obstacles and path so try to choose the best router.

What are the features available in wireless router?

Most of the branded routers are comes with the SD card features and it is helpful to the people to share files from your USB flash drives. Several kind of the routers are allowing printer sharing and user can also set up the network printer features. In case you are looking to control the bandwidth usage for the each device then inbuilt mechanism is helpful to you. Most of the branded routers are comes with reasonable price and it could be the ideal choice for company which is based on internet. Basically firewall of a router is helpful to protect your network from other so buying the best one is most important. Online shopping is the best choice because it is helpful to save your money and effort because they are providing branded router.

The Best Tig Welder To Purchase

If you are in need of a TIG welder machine, you might have realized that there are various TIG welder machines in the market, which might just confuse you when you are out shopping for one. And that is the main reason why we have come up with this list of some of the best so that at least, you know where to start from. Price is important when selecting a machine and it is possible to get  a cheap TIG welder which is high quality at the same time.

Here is our list of some of the best TIG welder to purchase

AHP Alpha TIG 200X

 Best Tig Welder  AHP Alpha is one of the best TIG welder machines which is very powerful with 200 amps making it a good option for both hobbyists and professionals. It is a cheap TIG welder which will allow you to do a wide range of welding. Due to the IGBT technology, there is a long lasting power source which performs on both 220V and 110V input power. It is a machine which can weld up to 3/8 inch mild steel and ¼ inch aluminum. It comes with a 3-year warranty. It costs between $679.00 – $799.00.

Everlast PowerARC 140

Everlast PowerARC 140 is the best TIG welder for beginners as it has maximum performance and flexibility it is a TIG welder which has a tiny IGBT inverter that features both DC Stick and DC TIG and has a Lift-Start. It is can operate on inputs of 240V and 120V and its maximum power output is at 140amps. It costs between $259.03 and $275.00.

Lotos TIG140


Lotos TIG140 is one of the cheap TIG welder 19 machines available on the market. It is a machine which can DC Stick and DC TIG due to the compact inverter Lift start. It gives up to 140 amps of power, making it ideal for applications where portability and performance are important.  It can weld materials such as steel, copper, stainless steel, and any ferrous metals. Lotos operate on 240V or 120V input power respectively, and can you have an advantage as it can be used anywhere.  It costs $283.55.

Everlast Super Ultra 205

If you are looking for a TIG welder for home use, then Everlast Super Ultra 205. It is a TIG welder which can do Plasma, DC Stick, and DC TIG cutting.  It will allow you to do special chores on plasma and it can work on 240V or 120V input and has an output of up to 200 amps. It costs between $666.00 and $749.00.

Everlast PowerPro 256S


It has a maximum power output of 200 amps for the stick and 250 amps for the TIG. It is a welder which can be used as a plasma cutter which will cut metals using up to 60 amps. If you are looking for a powerful all in one welder which works on 220/240V power input, then look no further than this TIG welder.

Choose the best cheap TIG welder from the above list and you will love the service it will provide to you.

Stay Secure With Mspy

While technology is fast advancing and there are a number of things that you can do using your Smartphone, it has also increased the risk of people getting more liberty to cheat and be disloyal. This could be in a personal relationship or a professional one too. However, if you want to ensure that you can trust a particular person you need to first make sure the person is worth trusting. Installing my spy app is one of the most effective solutions that a number of people are opting in for these days.

If you’re a business owner one of the main reasons you need to consider getting my spy app is in order to ensure your employees keep the information of the organization confidential. This not only helps to prevent certain losses due to unreliable employees, it also helps identify the ones that are trustworthy and the ones that are not.  This also helps to get rid of the ones that are being disloyal with the organization and leaking out valuable information which is to be kept confidential. Using the app does not mean you doubt your employees, it simply means you are keeping yourself prepared for situations which could potentially risk the profits of the company.


Using mspy can benefit you in many ways. The best part of mspy is the unique GPS tracking method that will help you track the location of a cell phone anywhere in the world for no additional cost. The information relayed is reliable and fast. You will know exactly where your target is by just looking at your screen. Mspy also comes handy to locate a lost cell phone as well. With the mspy app you can also retrieve logs such as messages and calls and other cell phone activities. You can also find out about social media behavior with the mspy app.


Mspy is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to commercial and personal tracking. With the mspy app you can keep a track of your loved ones without them knowing about it. You do not have to keep texting your husband to know his whereabouts all the time. You can also keep a check on your kids and see if they have reached home without having to call or text them. You can also track the internet activities of your children when you are not at home. You can know which sites they access and what they are doing on social media.

A Handy Wi-Fi Hack

In all honesty, everyone loves their very own hacks. From life hacks, to game hacks and especially WiFi hack. If you can get something for free, then why don’t you? Think about it, you’re not physically hurting anyone and it’s only for a moment or two. There are even creators and companies who are dedicated to provide their own version of a Wi-Fi hack since a lot of people are really looking for one. You’re lucky if you’re fairly close to a network that offers free Wi-Fi, but those who are a lot less lucky turn to endless trials in order to crack the code.

Now, if you really want to try and hack a Wi-Fi network then you’re sure to need an application that’s specialized in doing so. Out of the thousands of applications available online, are you sure that you found the perfect one? If so, then good for you but otherwise you might want to try out the application that we’re suggesting.


Wi-Fi Hacker

This handy software will instruct the users on how they can successfully hack a Wireless Router’s password by only using cmd. The great thing about it is that it can functions on laptops, computers, android and more. That’s not all, this incredible app can be yours for free, and all you have to do is download it. Bottom line is that you can have internet connection without paying for anything. If you have tried another hacker in the past but ended up disappointed and frustrated, we assure you that you won’t experience that ever again with Wi-Fi Hacker. Don’t be afraid to try again, this might just be the applications that you’ve long been looking for.

Before you start thinking that you’ll be overwhelmed, keep in mind that there’s really nothing complicated about this app. Wi-Fi Hacker will begin by searching for any signs of nearby Wi-Fi networks where the user can connect to. Just about any user will have the ability to hack and even bypass all the locks and security around a locked Wi-Fi signal; no need to worry about the password and username that’s usually required when connecting. Some of its other features are:


  • Completely free of virus and any other files that may harm your device.
  • You won’t need to put in any money since the application can be yours for free.
  • In case any kind of updates are available, the application automatically downloads it so there’s no need to look out for news.
  • For everyone out there that has Windows operating systems, Wi-Fi hacker is compatible with each and every version so you won’t be required to upgrade or downgrade.
  • Wi-Fi hacker can easily hack WPA, WPA2 and WEP; other application can only do some of these but not all.
  • For a successful Wi-Fi hacking app, the entire interface is user-friendly; no need to always doubt yourself when using it.
  • Wi-Fi Hacker is fortunately supported against WPS attacks.