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Basic Components Of An E-Liquid Filled E-Cigarette

E-Liquid and Cartomizers

In general, cartomizer is the term that is used to address an atomized cartridge. This cartridge comes two ways: blank and ready for refill or e-liquid filled. Along with this comes e-cigs or mini cigs which represent cigarettes. The cartridges are filled with juice and thin juices add to the flavour of the hit which is why e-liquids with thin juices are preferred. This density is contributed by propylene glycol which is dominant when compared with vegetable glycerine. This is because PG is thin while VD is thick in association with the vapour e juice


This is similar to the cartomizer with only one difference- it is transparent and visible up to the wick. These devices are manufactured to provide the users with maximum vaping hours. After this period, the wick tends to become dry or gummy, making the taste of the e-liquid to be detestable. The cartomizers are also disposable with the option of changing the coil, wick atomizer and the mouth piece. You also have a choice of colour to suit your taste. To ensure that the juice is not hidden entirely, metal-coated versions are available for your use. An atomizer is attached to the glassomizer where the tube is made up of glass material.

Why is glass used rather than plastic?

There are two reasons why a glass is used rather than plastic. They are:

  • When glass is used, it is possible to get a cleaner taste of the e-liquid
  • When the acidic liquid comes in contact with plastic, it might result in cracking or clouding, hence the use of glass is preferred.

When VG dominant e-liquids are used, a number of glassomizers and clearomizers are said to be compatible.

Tank System

An ideal tank system consists of a cartomizer inserted into a tube. The tank is said to be relatively large and is used for specific units of power, especially mods. It is also possible to rebuild the tank system by simply replacing the coil, bottom and top caps and adding a cartomizer. Tank systems that are made from Pyrex are said to be very expensive due to their higher durability, acid-resistant toughness and clean taste of the e-liquid. Many tank systems are called as rebuildable atomizers of e juiceThe e-liquids that are available in the market are said to contain a specific ratio of PG and VG, which varies from one brand to the other. However, PG-free mixtures aren’t always found. If you are looking for specific flavours such as lime, lemon, cinnamon or citrus fruit variations, it is best to buy a glass tank which offers better stability for acid-resistance. It is also possible to replace the tube without having to shell out the system. You can get cheap e juice online or when you buy in a bulk or when you use a coupon code. The use of e-cigarettes is highly preferred now-a-days rather than the use of the harmful traditional tobacco smoking.

Sous Vide Wizard, Precise Temperature Control Cooking Tips For Home Use

Sous vide is a French word which literally translates to ‘under the vacuum’. Sous vide cooking involves food being cooked in a vacuum sealed bag heated in a water bath. This way food is kept at a constant temperature, retaining all nutrients and flavours. With sous vide cooking food flavour is kept consistent; this technique is super useful for anyone who is trying to keep the taste of the dishes exactly the same every time it is served.


Sous vide cooking is especially used in industry for steak, as people want it cooked in different mediums. This way you set the temperature you want for a particular medium and allow the sous vide to take care of the rest. However, it is not the only use of sous vide. Sous vide can be used to cook anything; vegetables, desserts etc. In the house this is a useful technique to start using. Sous vide wizard helps you realise the advantage of this cooking technique when you use it in your home.

Sous vide helps retain all the nutrition of anything you are cooking. If you are cooking chicken in a pot all the nutrition is poured down the drain, however using sous vide you retain every molecule. This way you get all the taste and flavour of the dish as well as all the health benefits. This makes your dish tasty right to perfection

At homes when you have to do the other chores, sous vide is a great technique to use. You wouldn’t have to baby sit your dish, as you know it will cook to your desired temperature. This way you can focus on other stuff and let the sous vide take care of your food.

How does it work?

  • Place your meat in a vacuum sealed bag along with seasoning
  • Set the temperature you want your meat to cook at
  • Place the vacuum bag in the bath tub
  • Let the meat cook to the desired temperature
  • Once it reaches your desired temperature, you can take out the vacuum bag


 Advantages of Sous vide cooking

  • Consistency of food taste is maintained.
  • Time saver, it is very easy to put meat with seasoning in a vacuum bag for cooking.
  • Once food reaches the desired temperature it is held there ready for when you want to eat it. The temperature remains for example at 140, this way even if you forget about the dish you haven’t under cooked or over cooked it.
  • Flavors stay with dish; they are not lost on grill or pan.

For more information on sous vide and its home uses, please get in touch with sous vide wizard. They will provide you with all the details of how and where this technique started and how well it works. It will provide you with the benefits of the technique and how well you can use it at your home. It will also help you choose the right cooker from the wide range of options.