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How to enjoy the Happy Wheels game

Happy Wheels is the mobile version of the old browser hit game, in which various characters and a Business Guy roll at high speed through a series of remarkably deadly challenges. . Lose, and you’ll die in a hilariously gory way, and generally you’ll wind up in about 100 pieces. Make it through and you’ll win, most likely with a bit of blood spilling out too. Keep reading for some suggestions and techniques for happy wheels game!TeamDynamics-scorpion-Black Constantly take it slow throughout a new level

If you turn up on a challenge too quick, you’ll undoubtedly die in some blood-soaked way prior to you even see it coming or determine what it is, so come near it slowly so that a minimum of when you die the very first time, you’ll know what to do next time.

You can play nearly any level that you desire right from the start, however it’s still suggested to begin at the simpler levels. Business Guy has 15 levels to begin off. It will appear almost difficult if you attempt to play level 15 right away (or even after beating the first 5). Enter order and the faster levels will appear much easier as you come near them.

Have a look at the level editor mode in order to produce your very own levels for other individuals to play. There is no main area to share levels that you have made, yet, although that might be can be found in a future upgrade. You can either send them to individuals through Game Center, or you can provide the phone to somebody else who plays and let them attempt your levels. A minimum of till the main sharing location happens.


View your head!

The head, as all of us know, is the most fundamental part of the body. With that stated, you ought to attempt to secure it at all expenses!! You have a ridiculous helmet, however that will fly off with any minor bump. If your rider takes a hard hit on the head, your run will be quickly over, so beware!

Replays levels!

The only thing the game scores you on is how long you require to beat a level. There are leaderbords for the fastest time, so in order to get the very best time on a level you have to acquaint yourself with the design. This indicates replaying the level over and over once again till you know the exact course to take!

Pokemon Go – pokemon go tips

What’s Pokemon?

The Pokemon Company is a massively huge media franchise originating from Japan. Pokemon is actually short for “pocket monsters” and is set in a fictional world – world which is inhabited by these creatures. The humans of this world coexist alongside these Pokemon in harmony. Due to its immense popularity, an anime series was later developed and was a huge success too. The show starts with a twelve-year-old boy named Ash embarking on an adventure to collect as many Pokemon he can, and become the one true Pokemon champion. The show has great morals teaching us about the importance of friendship, hard work, perseverance and the bond Ash shares with his Pokemon.03242016-169

History of Pokemon:

The Pokemon franchise is jointly owned by three companies namely The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Gamefreak and Creatures. It was the inception of Satoshi Tajiri and the first Pokemon was released in 1995. The franchise now consists of video games, trading card games, animated television series, manga series, comic books, and toys. The Pokemon franchise is immensely popular and is second to only Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The Pokemon USA Inc. is a separate subsidiary of the Japan’s Pokemon co. and it takes care of all the licensing matters outside Asia. As of now, the media franchise has amassed a mighty 42.6 Billion USD in revenues. The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary this year and has announced the launch of new games titled Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS and also Pokemon GO, and augmented reality game for the Smartphone to be released later this year.


The concept behind the game was largely inspired by Tajiri’s insect-collecting hobby in his childhood. A pair of games titled “Red” and “Yellow” were first released for the GameBoy color and were an instant success. After that, several games were released in succession for different platforms, establishing a series. In the game, players assumed a role of a trainer and they had two motives. To collect all the Pokemon and fill their “Pokedex” – a device which provides information about the Pokemon, and to build a strong team of Pokemon to battle other “trainers” to finally beat the Pokemon league and be crowned the Pokemon master. All of the games including trading card games follow similar themes.

GamePlay characteristics:

The gameplay is pretty simple, each player assumes control of a character and has to navigate the Pokemon region in his quest to collect Pokemon and beat the Pokemon league. The “trainer” can catch Pokemon in the wild using a tool called the “poke ball”. By battling wild Pokemon and other trainers, players can train their Pokemon and make them strong. Some Pokemon undergo a transformation of sorts and become stronger; it is called an “evolution”. The motive of each game is to beat the eight exceptionally strong gym leaders, collecting gym badges in the process, and then later challenging the Pokemon league. The game follows a consistent story and sometimes, the player has to digress on a side quest to finish the game.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game developed for android and iOS platforms. This game uses GPS tracking and our phone’s clock to show Pokemon around us in real time. People who were fans of the franchise from the start and beginners cannot get enough of the game because nothing can beat the thrill of actually chasing Pokemon out in the open. This is as real as it gets!how to be the best pokemon go trainer

Pokemon go tips:

Here are some Pokemon go tips that will help you progress in the game much faster.

  1. Each footprint represents 100m of distance.
  2. The easiest pokemon to evolve are weedle, ratatta and pidgey as each require only twelve candies.
  3. You can get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon; check it out on the web on how to get one.
  4. Eevee evolution is random and unpredictable.
  5. You can train at the local gym with your own pokemon to earn more XP and Gym prestige.

There are tons of tips online, be sure to check them out before you step into the world of Pokemon!

Flash Unblocked Games

Flash games are down under the Browser Games.

Browser games! How it is like?

The browser games are those which are playable in a browser over the internet. These can be run through browser plug ins. The creation of this type of games involves of using standard web technologies at the face side and other style of technologies at the back side of the games. If it is spelled like browser games, then it involves all the type of games and genres like action, adventure etc. These can be single player or multi player. These games are different and are playable on different platforms and on different operating systems. Browser games or the flash games are always free to play they doesn’t require any application to install or the browser plug in. but flash games are built on the software adobe flash, so a person who wish to play the flash games needs an adobe flash pre installed in his personal computer or laptop that includes to install the adobe flash on web browsers as well.


Flash games also have different video games genres.

Unblocked flash games are those which are playable even when they are blocked. The main advantage with the unblocked games is that they don’t take much of your computer or laptop’s space. All you need to run the flash unblocked games is you have a working computer or a laptop and internet access, so that you can access through net and find the best unblocked games for you. And you need to check the best and latest updated version of the adobe flash player installed. Players can access to a huge collection of flash games which are unblocked, that means you can play alone at your office or at school.

The games down below, are those which can help you to have happy moments in your free time:

  1. Frogger:


This unblocked game is an arcade game which is listed in the best games and one of the first flash game releases. The game consists of a frog which needs to cross the road full of travelling vehicles, and then it need to pass through a river which is a flowing. You need to cross these both tasks to move forward to next levels. This game is quite interesting and simple when you get to it and obviously the best addictive game for the classes and masses. After crossing the two paths, you need to move to the butterfly so that you will move to the next stage.

  1. Flappy Bird:

This is one of the best games on the iOS platforms and now it is going virally famous on the web as well. This is a basic and very well known to the apple product users. This is an old game which is spreading to the customers to the next generation as well. But recently this game was removed from the products by the company. In this game you play the part of a bird and the controls are very simple and only spacebar is the control here. By using space bar you can control the flappy bird.

How To Do The Clash Royale Hack

Technology has further developed with games and apps now being downloaded into phones for the delight of many gamers. It’s one of the best ways to entertain yourself without needing to spend a lot, and you will also be able to do so right in the comforts of your own home! The problem is, there are so many games and apps available for entertainment, that one will be confused as to which they should install or play first! Luckily, there are games that make a difference and will have you playing for hours, with Clash Royale being one of them.

Clash Royale

If you are familiar with Clash of Clans, then you’ll definitely know what Clash Royale would be like! The difference between both is that you have more freedom to roam around your field, all the while interacting with different people around the world. Create teams, build connections, and kill your boredom anytime and anywhere. All you need is your phone and you’re able to have fun without spending anything.

Clash Royale Hack


The thing about Clash Royale is that you have to earn diamonds and gold in order to start purchasing items you both want and need for your character. Unfortunately, you will sometimes have to wait to earn these diamonds, or go through different challenges to do so. And some people wouldn’t want to do that! They would rather immediately go into the game and do what they want while having fun. Fortunately, there’s a solution as to how you will be able to get all the unlimited diamonds, as well as other perks! The Clash Royale Hack is the solution.

Basically, this hack will get you many perks and will give you the ultimate gaming experience when playing Clash Royale. It’s simple to do and will only take a few minutes. Plus, it’s absolutely free! Here is what you will need to do in order to get your unlimited diamonds through the Clash Royale Hack:

  1. Search for reputable websites that offer the Clash Royale Hack
  2. Once visiting the website, input the information needed (nothing personal, just the amount of diamonds you want!)
  3. The website will now generate a code. Copy the code when given.
  4. Add the code into your Clash Royale account, and you will now be able to play the game with all the diamonds you need.

Anyone will be able to do this hack. All it takes is a mobile device and a stable Internet connection to obtain this Clash Royale hack.


Install Clash Royale

Still a beginner at Clash Royale? Then you’ll be able to start playing it in no time! All you need to do is to search for the App on the App Store, then download the game. Once it’s downloaded, create an account and sign in, and you are ready to play and start the fun. So what are you waiting for? Get going and start playing Clash Royale now!

Flash Games

The term unlockable video games which are referred to complete the game on video games that can be unlocked within another online game, are often called as easter eggs. Frequently these unlockable video games are in advance entries within the collection of the sport wherein they’re hidden, and they end up being available after beating the sport or assembling other necessities. An internet game is an online game this is either partly or in the main performed through the internet or another PC community.

Historically researcher’s concept of motivations to apply PC systems to be typically driven by way of extrinsic purposes and have designed these systems, therefore the use of online video games is with the aid of intrinsic motivations such as fun, rest, competition fulfillment and studying, which issues must force their layout. The layout of on-line games can range from simple textual content-based totally environments to the incorporation of complicated snapshots and virtual worlds. The prominence of online additives within a sport can range from being minor functions, which includes an online leader board, to being part of the middle game play, along with immediately playing in opposition to different players.


There is additionally a secondary intention of accumulating the gem stones that had been stolen which increases the gamers score. If the participant fails to make it to the exit in the time restrict the fed tracks flash down and kills him upon touch. While the participant can run from the fed due to the fed’s capability to move over the screen no matter the bodily restraints that the participant ought to come upon, the player is ultimately doomed to dropping a lifestyle.

Unblocked entered was designed mainly for you, our high priced players, and its complete purpose is to form high quality which you unblocked realize the whole thing you want for in terms of barbie for dress up video games for us, they’re not unblocked lady video games, they’re our passion, our fashion, and that we are quite glad to percentage all our splendour fashion, styling and even change of kingdom advice with you, our gamers. An internet game is an online game this is either partly or in the main performed through the internet or another PC community. Some of the unblocked game is faculty proud to carry lower which are used in schools by using internet website unblocked so as to deliver where unblocked games note wherever else. The place alternatives with different from the records can preserve growing globally and we have to fallow all the steps to play unblock games.


The attractive thumbs and brief accordingly for those who are using unblocked games for free access a few matters which you unblocked. We will be inclined to take a vow that we’re going to preserve various operations involving and carry lower state-of-the-art unblocked video games. The place alternatives thousands of makeover and therefore the records can preserve growing each passing day and we have to follow all the steps to play unblock games.

Everything You Need To Know About Lol Smurf Accounts

Being one of the most popular online games all over the world, League of Legends is now growing not only on the computers of households, but in mobile devices as well! Now you will be able to fight and battle with millions of players online in your own smartphone. Because of this, that means that even if you’re outside without access to your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll be able to play anytime and anywhere, so long as you have a stable Internet connection and the app on your phone.

What is League of Legends?

While this is a popular game for many, there are some who still aren’t familiar with the fantasy game. It’s basically a highly competitive fantasy game where you go around battlefields and fight with other people, using strategy and skill to win. You get to gain money and items along the way, as well as interact with millions of other players around the world.


What people love most about the game is that it isn’t only packed with action, but the quality of the whole interface is impressive as well. With developers working hard to ensure good gameplay, they create a whole new realm filled with different characters and avatars you get to choose from.

The whole game has become so popular that there are even competitions held worldwide in various countries and arenas, where players get to meet and battle in real time!

Smurf Accounts

There are people who happen to go up levels and reach something higher than level 30, which enables them to create smurf accounts, or other new sub-accounts under them. Ther reason players make these accounts is so that they are able to interact with new players and guide their way through the battlefields. Unfortunately, there are also troll accounts that prefer to mess around with newbies, giving them the wrong advice and maybe even ruining their quality of the game!


Some people use Smurf accounts as a backup for their main accounts in case it gets hacked, compromised, or banned. While people think these aren’t helpful except to use it for “trolling”, it actually holds a lot of benefits for serious players who just want to battle it out with newbies. It can also be used as an avenue for practice among serious players, instead of having to go to high intensity battles when they don’t feel like it. Basically, a smurf account is a dummy account for serious players that use it for practice or interaction.

How to Buy a LOL Smurf Account

If you are one who wants a Smurf account for any reason, you can actually lol smurf account buy! They aren’t expensive and can sometimes go for free, depending on who you talk with. You will be able to buy a lol smurf account from people online, exchanging it with items from your character, or paying in real money via Paypal or other online modes of payment.

Obtain Starcoins & Diamonds By Moviestarplanet Hack

MovieStarPlanet is a free to play social online universe in which each player is a movie star. It is a safe, secure & fun social networking platform for children aged between 8 to 15 years. MovieStarPlanet is a creative online playground for children. The characters earn fame & star coins. To buy costumes, animations & backdrops star coins can be used. On MovieStarPlanet it’s all about playing, being social & showing your creative skills.


Features of MovieStarPlanet

  • It has fantasy world
  • User can make new friends & in the chat room can interact with other players
  • Parents & guardians are encouraged to tell children how to stay safe online
  • The personal information of other player such as age, real name, gender cannot be accessed by the user
  • Players only see other usernames

Getting started

MovieStarPlanet can be played by everyone for free. By clicking the new user button on MovieStarPlanet, create your personal movie star. Now this account can be used to log into MovieStarPlanet.

Creating Movie content

The first step is to select up to 6 movie stars & then you can change clothes on each movie star choosing from clothes. After this, you direct each scene & select animations. The timeline bar at the bottom of the page is used to select & progress the time in each scene, so it can be easily decided what movie star should do at different time.

After completing the movie, publish the movie by clicking send to friends’ button. The published movies can earn Fame or Star coins

Make new friends

To make friends search by username in “friends” area. The activities of your friends pop up in friends activity bar at bottom of screen. Here you can chat with your friends.


MovieStarPlanet Hack

It is a web tool used to cheat the game to obtain free VIP, StarCoins & diamonds. MovieStarPlanet Hack is an easy to use tool .

Features of MovieStarPlanet Hack

  • Unlimited StarCoins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free VIP
  • Safe
  • Auto update
  • Undetectable

Making Your Way Through Pixel Gun 3d- Cheats!

Pixel Gun 3D hack 2016 has become a craze and a truly addictive game for most gamers. The gamer has to defeat block shaped villains and the boss to escalate to a higher level. The game offers players with attractive weaponry and armory that increases its standing a few notches up. And with every successful game comes its set of hacks that gamers compulsively play and find. A number of hacks have been discovered. Here is a list of the hacks 2016. We all know how difficult it is to earn coins in Pixel Gun 3d. It seems nearly impossible unless you can shell out some bucks. You can easily earn coins without paying in real cash-

  • With the coins from your account you can buy premium guns like Laser Cannon or Automatic Peacemaker M2. Then you must change the level of difficulty to hard and play Farm in Campaign. You can get 3 stars and thus 3 coins. Repeating the process will help earn more coins.
  • Another way is to have multiplayer battles which can be either team battle or play with other players using time Survival. You have to go on cooperative mode for this. Although, you really need to have higher level guns to win coins either when your team wins or when you become a high score player. However playing on survival mode is likely to get you more than the normal amount of coins you would get by playing otherwise.


  • In the time survival mode reduce the players to only two and then stay in the game alone. Surviving this can help you acquire a god amount of coins
  • Playing on deadly games can give a decent amount of coins based on the number of people and whether you have won.
  • Using sites like or also helps procure premium guns/coins/gems.
  • The best way to collect coins is through getting as much of xp as you can. You can get xp by winning three stars when you level and also by making it through online games. As you level up you get more and more coins based on how high the level you are at. This is working through the system the hard way and learning to master the game.
  • You must also try to search for servers that are marked as nk (no kill) or find opponents that are easy targets for e.g. some players might still use the first guns of the game and can easily be won over with the right set of weaponry and armory.
  • Battling on coop survival also ensures more coins. You should go to the mode and kill for around 4 minutes and then double click he home button. Then go to general and change the timing by adding 4 minutes to it.


  • On survival mode you can get 10 coins per 10,000 points. So to get maximum run around the enemies until they all come together and spawn all of them. Then later run around the pack and shoot all the monsters. Once you reach wave five the waves following are the same.

SO here’s wishing you a happy time playing!