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The importance of anchor text

We’ve already established that the search engines count links as votes for a website. However, they need additional help to discover what a page is about. If your page is about the benefits of green tea, and you’re linking to another page that is about different ways to prepare green tea, you can use here to send your readers there, but as for the search engines, it won’t make much sense to them; it would be better if you used different ways to prepare green tea, for both yours and that other website.

Singapore SEO service put this as, the search engines will understand that as the statement you’re making that both of your pages are somehow related to green tea. So, when someone comes in Google searching for the green tea, both of your pages will be considered as relevant; then it depends on the other elements on both of your pages and on the exact words that person has typed in, but in a very simplified scenario, your page should come up as a number one result for “benefits of green tea”, and the page you have linked to would be the first result for “different ways to prepare green tea”.

Why you DON’T want all your links to have the exact match phrase in them

That’s why in the past few months are writing about “anchor text variation best practices”. Anchor text variation stands for the fact that you shouldn’t have all, or a majority of your links, containing the exact phrase you’re trying to rank for, and that you should vary the text you use any way you can.

Now it got complicated, right? Well, not really. Basically, you should use variations of your exact keyword phrase that are either of the following:

  • Your exact phrase (i.e. “benefits of green tea”, no more than 20-25% of all of your anchors)
  • Phrases containing your exact phrase, or the words from it (“read about benefits of green tea for your health”, “green tea”, “what are the benefits” etc)
  • Your brand name (or your website’s name)
  • Naked URLs
  • “click here”, “this website” etc (unrelated words)

In some sense, we’re back to the beginning; practically any anchor text will do. Only be sure to mix them – too much of either kind will probably harm your website; with Google in 2017, diversity is the key.

Expand Your Business With Instagram

If you own a business then one of the most essential things that you need to focus on is promotion and growth of your business. There are a number of things that you can do in order to market your business and one of the most essential things that you should always remember is to promote it on various social media platforms. If you do not have a strong online presence in today’s world it is impossible for your business to survive because every person relies on the Internet for solutions and not having a strong online presence means losing out on maximum customers. While there are a number of ways you can promote your business online, social media marketing is one of the most reliable ways to promote your business. There are various social media platforms available however if you are looking for affordable and effective solutions then one of the best things that you can do is to purchase follower su instagram.If you thought that this was a random procedure and it means you just get people to follow you on your page then this is not true. When you have professionals to increase your fan following on Instagram they not only help you to get exposure with the right kind of followers but they also ensure that the people that are following your instagram page are the people who are interested in the services that you have to offer and are your potential customer.

The last thing that you would want is to not have the right kind of customers who visit your Instagram page because the people who usually visit your Instagram page are also the kind of people who might end up on your website. You always want the right people to visit your website because they will stay longer and it will help you in SEO.

Authentic Online Survey Jobs – Earn Real Money In Quick Time

Have you heard of authentic online survey jobs? It seems like a bit silly question for all the individuals who have been using online money making methods for a while. These survey jobs are excellent if you really desire to earn some extra income and that too without taking a step out of your home.  Survey jobs are easy to execute and will never disappoint you. When you search online, you will easily come across wide range of survey jobs. You can simply select the ones which you believe appropriate and worth to consider. There are many guys indeed, who try to treat online survey jobs as their full-time profession and make a huge mistake. It would be extremely beneficial indeed if you just use these survey jobs as an additional source of jobs are simply best for the candidates, who desire to worth from the comfort of the home. It is pretty easy indeed to complete these surveys in your free time. Here you are not asked to carry out any laborious work. You are just required to spend few spare moments of your day on your computer and money will be transferred to your account when you complete surveys. Nothing complicated at all, as the task of completing the survey is pretty easy one. You are just asked to provide an exact answer to few queries. All the surveys are carried out by reputed companies belonging to different sectors like entertainment, food, clothing, fashion and lot more. With these online surveys, they are able to build strong reputation in the online world.

Now when it comes to carrying out online surveys, first of all, you need to find out legitimate paid survey sites. With many sites, offering online survey jobs, there is every possibility of facing some serious confusion. As a user, you need to make sure the selected paid survey site is good one and offer best possible surveys. For sure, some of the surveys will offer you huge money while many will pay you less. In order to conduct high commission surveys, you must satisfy certain many occasions, people do make use of wrong survey sites and face some serious trouble.  These useless or scam survey sites are merely designed to cheat you out. Such sites simply don’t have good surveys to offer. Online survey jobs have got extensively popular worldwide in recent times. It is mainly due to the expansion of the internet, the demand of survey jobs is increasing day by day. In order to make most of these survey jobs, you are required to find quality paid survey sites. For sure, the task is little tricky one but your little efforts will help in attaining desired outcomes.

Finally, the best possible details about online survey jobs have been revealed and interested guys must make most of the shared information in order to earn some serious money online.

Toronto SEO Blogging Service – Check Out All Possible Details

Blogging has always been treated as one of the most effective and safe online marketing strategy. In the blog you will continuously update with latest details and unique content. Blog is most liked by search engines if properly managed. A well managed blog with unique content draws more traffic and leads to increased number of sales. After reading out positive aspects of blogging you must be curious about the ways to achieve it. It is bit risky to maintain a blog at your own level. You might not be able to update the blog at regular intervals and that too with high quality content. In such crucial circumstances, you must employ SEO services and ask the experts to maintain your professional blog. Yes it will cost you a bit but still the end results are very satisfying. Google and other search engines do provide huge importance to well managed blogs. Till now we have just mentioned about the value of high quality blogs but here I would like to share deep details about SEO blog. These blogs are effectively used by the needy individuals to gain all possible details about latest happenings in SEO world. These blogs are surely best source of information if you want to keep yourself updated with current SEO tactics.Toronto SEOIf you follow strategy to blog often and blog early, surely you have applied a sensible and effective online marketing technique. Not many website owners are aware about positive aspects of Toronto SEO blogging service and they still apply wrong marketing strategies. Search engines do prefer to rank sites higher in which content is regularly updated and organic in nature. In blog posts complete articles are shared and unique content is further added by means of visitor’s comments.  Overall, regular and unique blog posting will definitely bring more than fruitful outcomes in quick time. Yes it does require little effort to update the blog with unique content but still it becomes possible to gain top and stable rankings. The only aspect of concern is, it is bit hard to get something new every day for your blog. In such critical circumstances it is imperative indeed to take assistance of an adequate Toronto SEO company. Well the company professionals will write bulk amount of unique and quality content on numerous topics. You can easily update your blog with the unique content and try to gain better online visibility.Toronto SEOIn recent times, many faulty blogs related to SEO have cropped up. Such kind of blogs will only share poor quality information which is of no use. If you really want to make your online business successful and increase its visibility, make sure followed SEO niche blog is good one. There is still plenty more to explore about current SEO tactics and blog managing steps. Keep following quality online sources and try to enhance your knowledge in order to become successful in competitive online world.

Watch Your Business Boom With The Right Web Designers

There are a number of businesses that are similar to yours and if you are keen on making your business a successful one then you need to take steps that will help you move ahead of the competition and beat them. While there are a number of things that you can do in order for your business to become successful, one of the most essential steps that you need to take is to get in touch with the right web design agency. Most people depend on the internet for solutions and not having a strong online presence means losing out on a lot of your business. If you are wondering why you need to leave web designing to the experts, here’s what you need to designWeb designers manage to create your website in no time. They are professionals and they do not take too much time to create the website since they know exactly what to do. A professional designer knows exactly how to combine the right colors, text and images to create the perfect website that is appealing and pleasing to look at. It is very essential for a website to be visually appealing else a visitor will leave the page in no time. It is also very important to be as informative as you can in the least amount of time. This is something a professional web designer knows how to do and this makes it easy for a visitor to get converted into a designOne of the most important aspects in today’s world is time. There are tons of websites offering the same solution with different packaging. If a customer wants a particular product or service that you and another competitor are offering the customer will surely visit your website to weigh the pros and cons as compared to your competitor. In such a scenario if the website does not load or takes time to load the customer would close the window and go to the competitor’s website. A good web designer will ensure that all critical information is provided to the customer through the website without the need for unnecessary graphics and music or videos. When these extra elements come in there is extra pressure on the web server and the load time of the website reduces. A smart web designer will incorporate all this in a website if it is important however they will ensure that the load time of the website is not affected. The website designer will ensure that the website is compact and easy on the eyes. All important and heavy information will be in the form of hyper links or buttons. This will ensure that they load only if the customer wishes to see them. This will ensure that you do not lose a customer just because your website took 30 seconds longer to load. In today’s competitive world that could be the difference between a potential customer or a lead.

Gather Inside Details About Domain Hunter Gatherer Coupon!

Domain hunter gatherer seems to be the best software when it comes to mining expired domains. The software has definitely got many attractive features to offer and it does support three highly unique approaches when it comes to locating expired domains. Surely, there is a lot to say about the tool both in terms of applicability and affordability but still, here it is worth to mention few but important details about domain hunter gatherer coupon. It is basically this money saving coupon code which has become a point of discussion for all the individuals who want to carry out online business success. If you have been part of the online world for a while, you would be fully aware of the fact how much critical it is to build a good number of high-quality authority sites in order to taste success. Now with the availability of coupon code, all the new users of the software will enjoy exciting money saving offers. Yes, the tool will not hurt your pocket a lot and still would be able to deliver best expired domains in pretty quick time.


Now further we would like to mention out different approaches followed by the software in order to find out expired web properties. In order to start with, you can begin searching expired domains by using the keyword. It is all about using the keyword you want to search and tell the software how many pages deep you want to continue with the search. Domain hunter gatherer surely has the potential to reveal thousands of searching as per metrics you desire like age, authority, and backlinks.


When you get the list, it would really become very easy to filter down the results since all of them are mentioned within your specifications. With the software, it is very much possible to crawl your website. In simple words, the software is capable enough to offer endless features which we all desire to have. Finding quality expired domains is not as easy as it seems to be. If you are not making use of quality software like domain hunter gatherer you are bound to invest plenty of time and effort. Even after carrying out detailed searching at your own level, it is nearly impossible to match the quality results being offered by the software.

Domain hunter gatherer is software which is regularly updated by the developers in order to make sure, top-notch service is offered to all the clients. Even the presence of domain hunter gatherer coupon code really makes the software highly affordable and effective. The coupon code will remain active for very short time so interested guys must treat it as a golden opportunity and try to grab it with both hands.


Finally, we have one affordable and easy to use software which is capable enough to find quality expired domains quickly. Making use of any other tool is a foolish decision and interested guys must get domain hunter gatherer as soon as possible.

Exactly How To Get Likes On Instagram

These days, it cannot be denied that there are millions of people in the whole world who have their own Instagram accounts. This is the main reason why Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular social media sites that are patronized by many people. Meaning to say, there are millions of people who are visiting this social media site every single day. But in order to have a very good Instagram account, you need to acquire followers and likes. In this regard, here are what you can do in order to how to get more followers on instagram:

Post Great and Awesome Contents


The number one thing that you can do in order to acquire likes from the other Instagram users is to post great and awesome contents. Meaning to say, you have to make sure that your photos are great enough to convince some other Instagram users to like them. Of course, when people see your photos as dry and uninteresting, then would surely not hit the like button in your pictures. Apart from getting likes, you can also gain more and more Instagram followers if your pictures are too great to ignore.

Consider Creating Your Own Theme

Another worth trying thing so that you have more likes from the other Instagram users is to make your own theme. With your own theme, you can be very unique to some other Instagram users, making you to be more noticeable amongst others. It is already a proven and tested thing, so you should try doing it. Most of the highly followed Instagram accounts these days have their own themes. Let’s say for example if you love traveling, then you should post pictures that have something to do with your travel escapades. In this way, people will certainly be very interested to follow your account and hit the like button.


Make a Story through Captions

You can also never go wrong with captioning your pictures. You have to make a very good story out of your photographs through captions. Make captions that can catch the attentions of many other Instagram users. If your captions are not that attention grabbing, then you can never get likes on Instagram. Furthermore, a good photo without a very good caption can never get a lot of likes from the Instagram users. In other words, caption is a very important element that you should incorporate when you are posting contents on Instagram. You have to remember that at all times.

Reach Out to Your Instagram Followers


One other very effective way to get more likes on your Instagram contents is to reach out to all of your followers. You have to reach out to them in a way that you will thank them when they are liking your photos. Moreover, you have to follow back to those people who have been following you on your Instagram account. In this way, they will surely be glad to like all of your posts, especially your beautiful and very interesting pictures.