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Different types of Hamster Cages

Tiny hamsters are cute and smart than most of other pets, you can exercise them and allow them to move freely in cage. Knowing the details for the right hamster cage is not only important thing as you should know details about different types of options available as hamster cages as some are small in size and the other are large hamster cages. So it is better to learn different hamster cages types available in market, you can choose budget cages or advanced house like cages for your pet.

Wire Hamster Cages: These wire hamster cages are most common types of hamster cages used by people around the world. As the name suggests, the wall of hamster cages are filled with wires that helps hamster to be kept in the cage. Different size options are available in market, choose cage with solid plastic base, in case your Hamster is Syrian bread, you need larger hamster cages.

Plastic Hamster Cages: The recent and most advanced hamster cages that looks like apartment for your dear friend comes with option multilevel and tunnels. Hamster loves to play and move around, you can choose different hamster toys to be attached in the cage that will help to keep your hamster busy. These Plastic Hamster are good option for the dwarf hamsters, small size will surely allow him to enjoy tunnels pass through.

Aquariums: Aquariums are not the right candidate for the hamster, for a change and unique way of doing the task Aquariums are used nowadays. These aquariums are made up of solid glass or plexi glasses, that make it easy for the pet owner to look through the aquarium.

Bin Cages: Bin Cages are for the craft lovers, you can design the house of your hamster by yourself as Bin cages can be developed to different sizes with different sort of things you want to add. These cages are much cheaper than the available other options.

Hamster Cage Accessories

More often than not, hamster cage owners find it difficult to take care of their pet hamsters with just the hamster cages. To help them raise the happiest, healthiest, hamsters as possible, they have to shell out some cash to buy certain accessories, which are truly fit for the job. There are several kinds of accessories available for hamster enclosures, all of them made just so that the things that hamsters go through are well facilitated. is a site which effectively lists the accessories that you may need for your hamster cage.

Choco Nose H128 No Drip Animal Water Bottle


This brand of water bottle is one which is designed especially for hamster cages. It could be easily clipped on to the side of the cage where hamsters could sip from it whenever they would want to. It also comes in different colours which match the color of the cage your hamsters stay in.

Cabin House for Small Hamsters           

Some hamsters, just like humans, would definitely want a sense of privacy in their cages. The Cabin house for small hamsters enable them to experience this. This works well for hamsters who are about to give birth, or hamsters who prefer staying in dark areas or places of shade. It gives hamsters privacy in their tiny enclosure.


Ergonomic Dish

Some hamster owners simply make use of small cups to put the food of the hamsters in. This is dangerous, as they could gnaw on the plastic, causing health problems to the hamsters later on. One accessory which is effective in preventing this from happening is the Ergonomic Dish, which is made of dense, quality materials and has a stylish kind of feel to it. This ergonomic dish is chewproof as well, and is thus safe for your pet hamsters.

How To Get That Perfect Outdoor Dog Kennel For Your Pup?

Your pet dog has been a darling to you and building it its own home will be something you want to do with utmost care and perfection. So here is a list of things to note while building that perfect outdoor dog kennel for large dogs. They include the necessary steps and points to keep in mind.

Location and size


Building the outdoor dog kennel some yards away from your house can keep away the odor and lessen the noise but is very difficult to maintain as cleaning would require carrying water and installation of air conditioning or heaters would be a task in addition to not being able to reach your pet easily when you want to or stop the barking. Building the kennel close by will solve these problems and since cleaning will be easier it can be done regularly to keep away odor and insects. The place should also be such that it is keeps your dog away from harsh winds and sun rays. Flatter the surface better would be the stability while building and it would prevent the kennel from becoming a pool of water during the rains. Moreover while deciding the size take into account the size of your dog and build accordingly so that it has enough room to move around, play and stretch.


Chain-link fencing for walls is the best option because it is cheap and easy to get and equally easy to install. You can use privacy slats for any sides that face streets or sidewalks to stop unnecessary barking to an extent. For bigger canines, welded-wired fences which are slightly more expensive would be preferred as they are durable.


Floor and Roof

Make sure to use gravel on the floor of the kennel which gives the dog better footing and keeps the place cleaner by draining of excess moisture. The roof must be sloped to prevent accumulation of rain-water and dirt.