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How To Use The Free Fake Call App

There are a whole lot of apps you can now download into your smartphone. It’s pretty amazing as to how many apps you are able to see in your App or Google Play Store. You’ll find everything you need in no time! Not only do apps help with increasing your productivity, but you are also able to find entertainment through their fun games! You can stream movies, play games, and even prank others through Free Fake Call apps that will sure bring laughter to you and your loved ones! But what exactly is the Free Fake Call App and what does it do?

What is Free Fake Call?

You’re probably wondering, why bother with a Free Fake Call in the first place? This app is purely for entertainment, used for creating laughter and pranking others by simulating calls! Whether you want to fake a call by someone famous to prank a friend, or if you want to get out of certain situations by creating an “emergency” call, this app is especially for you! What’s great is that it’s all free of charge and available in any mobile device.


Features of Free Fake Call

The Free Fake Call app has a ton of features, such as:

  1. You are able to schedule fake calls at anytime, so if you are expecting a date to go bad and want out, you can schedule for it to go on within a few minutes just to get out of it.
  2. It looks like a real call with you being able to have a screensaver of the person calling. All you need to do is put on good acting skills to make it look like you’re actually talking to someone!
  3. You are able to customize who will be calling you. So whether it’s someone real to get out of something, or a celebrity to prank a friend, it’s entirely up to you!
  4. You can have a voice recorded so it will seem even more real! Not only that, but you can also fake text yourself as well.
  5. You can use both call or SMS features.

How to Use Free Fake Call

Once you have it installed on your smartphone, here’s how to use the app:


  1. Open it up and choose if you want to simulate a text message or a call.
  2. Set the name and other information, such as photos and phone number.
  3. Record your voice or create a fake SMS text.
  4. Choose the time when you want the SMS or call to arrive.
  5. Wait for it to come and start fooling your friends or get out of that awkward situation!

In Conclusion

Using the Free Fake Call app is very simple and easy to use. Now, you won’t need to think up of any lie to get out of a situation, because you can now just act your way out of it through phone calls or text messages. What are you waiting for? Prank your friends with a free fake call and have a laugh!