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A Digital Frame Vs Physical Photo Album

Taking photos of family and friends are the best ways to capture memorable moments. While it’s best to just live in the moment, it’s better to have photos to use for reminiscing and amusement. People love taking photos, with it being plastered all over social media websites and phones. You’ll also be able to find a number of picture frames being displayed at home to showcase their pride and joy, from family moments to hangouts with friends. There will be times when you want to display more photos though, and what sucks is that while you are able to show albums, it gets difficult having to organize. That’s where a digital photo frame comes alone!

Digital frames are a popular and techy way to display photos, with it putting up a slideshow of all your photos and videos, as well as having the ability to play music as well! A great piece of furniture to put on your desk or home, it’s the best way to show your family and friends photos without the hassle of putting it in photo albums. But it also has it cons, too. So what is the better choice: A digital frame, or a physical photo album? We list down the pros and cons of each for you to make the choice:

  1. Time

You’ll definitely save time when purchasing a digital frame. All you need to do is pop in your memory card, add the media files, and you’re good to go. But with creating a physical photo album, you’ll need to spend time and effort having to print it all, as well as organizing it and putting it into photo albums. Some even choose to decorate it with art supplies!

  1. Money

We can say that digital frames are a bit more expensive than your usual photo frames, but are a good investment comparing it to physical photo albums. With photo albums, you will not only need to spend on the album covers itself, but for all those photo printing services as well, which can be costly considering that people like printing out hundreds of photos at a time!

  1. Portability

It’s a tie, actually. You are able to carry both, but they have their cons. You will need to save up on battery when getting a digital frame, while physical photo albums can be a bit heavy to bring, taking up too much space.


  1. Weight

With loads of photos and an album cover, photo albums can be a bit of a hassle to carry around, though depending on the size, they can be portable as well. But no one wants to lug around a dozen photo albums to show others! With a digital frame, you’ll be able to show everything in no time with a small gadget and hundreds of media files. The only downfall would it losing battery or having to be plugged into an AC outlet.