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NEC Phones: One of the Best of the Whole Lot

Telephones are some of the biggest breakthroughs when it comes to communication. Since its invention in the early part of the previous century, it has went on to be one of the most popular means through which people talk to each other regardless of where they come from. While this comes at a high price, especially if one is calling from other parts of the world, this is a much more effective means of communication compared to the previously popular and primary medium, which was sending letters.

Thanks to the invention of the telephone, business have boomed as they are able to better establish ties with businesses overseas, and individuals re able to communicate with people in real time, no matter where they may be.

While in the early part of this decade, telephones have served as the primary means in which people communicate regardless of distance, this has been taken over by the internet in the most recent decade, with its enhanced accessibility and the development of technology, such as smart phones and computers.

Despite this though, telephones still remain an important feature, and is still present especially in homes and various businesses and large establishments. It is regarded as a more proper and formal means of doing business transactions.

Development of Telephones

Instead of going irrelevant and obsolete, telephones nowadays have managed to adapt to the times, integrating more functions to their phones. While faxing, or transmitting of documents from one unit to another has been done since the 1980’s, telephones nowadays go beyond merely being able to transmit information either through voice and fax. As a matter of fact, there are several units available in the market nowadays with either a tablet and other digital media attached to them.

NEC Phones Systems: Quality since the Start

When it comes to telephones, one of the pioneering, and one of the leading brands today, trusted for its quality and reliability are the NEC Phones Systems. Having started in 1899 in Japan, NEC, or formerly known as the Nippon Electric Company before just adapting NEC beginning the 1980 has now went on to become one of the most popular brands for IT products not just in Japan, but in the rest of the world.

Their products nowadays range from semiconductors to small, handheld computers, to cellular phones, and most importantly, telephones, and NEC has been known to make all these with quality much higher than other competing brands.

Achievements and Innovations

For the NEC Brand as a whole, they would not be regarded as one of the best in the world if they do not have their fair share of achievements in the form of product innovations. They take pride in having their subsidiaries discover/invent the single-walled carbon nanotubes, test methodology MUX-scan design, one-gubit rotation gate for solid state devices, and dual sim, camera modules, color displays, ad 3G capability for mobile phones. In terms of patents they have filed, they average 1,764 annually and has ranked in the top companies over the half decade because of this.