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Plagiarism Checker Software At Your Disposal

Plagiarism checker software can come in handy for teachers as well as students out there, especially if you’re a student in graduate school. As a teacher, of course you want your students to actually write and think about what they submit, rather than solely relying on copy paste in order to pass the year or the semester. Meanwhile students out there who are looking for plagiarism checker software either want to genuinely check the proper wording of their files or they just want to make sure that they jumbled someone else’s article online enough to pass the checker.

Dupli Checker

A company that helps provides genuine and quality content, they offer free plagiarism checker tools to anyone and everyone out there. Designed and developed by their professional team of developers in order to ensure a hundred percent authenticity with results. Users can access the following tools offered by Dupli Checker, take note that there are a lot more tools waiting to be used on their website:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Visitor Hit Counter
  • Spell Checker
  • Batch Search
  • Word Count Checker
  • XML Sitemap Generator
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Keyword Positions
  • Keyword Density
  • Password GeneratorDupli Checker works by analyzing each of the sentences that you enter on the text box. You can enter the texts manually, copy-paste everything on their, enter the content destination’s URL or upload it if you like. Unregistered and registered users can use Dupli Checker; registered checkers have unlimited access to the tools, meanwhile the unregistered checkers can only use them for 3 times a day. Dupli Checker is a hundred percent free, user-friendly and there are a handful of options as to how you want to add the text; there is no paid version available.